Kay Kwok Shift Toward the Metaverse for AW22

Kay Kwok returns to London Fashion Week for AW22 with their homecoming concert after an 8-year hiatus under the rebranded KWK by Kay Kwok label. This show is the birth of a long-term shift toward gamification, online involvement, and community building within the metaverse, which is key to this makeover.

The collection “Chapter 1 – The Journey Begins,” weaves a picture from the future in which people have moved from Earth throughout the cosmos. Kay Kwok, on the other hand, imagines individuals who were left behind in this vast migration – the odd, unorthodox, unconventional, and flawed. 

The brand is the first to introduce the two avatars who come to life digitally on the catwalk, as they blur the lines between the physical and meta-physical. Which is believed to be the second space of limitless opportunity and potential to live out dreams and fantasies, hopes and fears, authentically and unashamedly – an intangible place where we can live out our truth.

Presenting light, cinematic and bold statement colourways such as crystal whites, rich greens and icy blues, the garments floated along the runway towards to pit for their photograph. Abstract prints were also a key theme in the Kay Kwok AW22 collection, making use of layering, mass fabric and contrasting patterns. 

Kwok’s ideology is based on philanthropy, giving back, broadening perspectives, and guiding the audience towards the prospect of all-inclusive love. Setting aside traditional beauty standards, KWK by Kay Kwok illuminates the invisible, creates a platform for the unheard, and creates a place for uniqueness to celebrate all that we are as beautiful, chaotic, contradictory, and complicated beings.

Also noticed during the catwalk was the huge range of diversity when it came to the models, height, race, size – the most unique of faces took to the stage. 

KWK by Kay Kwok depicts brand avatars, each of which represents values, ethics, and tales that we witness in the actual world around us. These ambassadors for liberated and diverse thought, free from material world expectations, present an opportunity for the brand to explore what KWK by Kay Kwok can be, an out-of-body possibility for innovation in the third person, and a design perception that looks radially to the world, and inward from external standpoints.

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Words: Izabel Rose
Photography: Kiera Simpson