Duke & The Dry Cleaners ‘Orchid’ | Premiere

Adding some feel-good Funk to your February, London band Duke & The Dry Cleaners have just shared their newest bop with the world. ‘Orchid’ features some guest vocals from Japanese artist Hannah Warm, and delivers a plethora of groovy notes that are guaranteed to have you foot tapping in no time. Lead vocalist Oli Duke provides a lightweight and creamy vocal performance, as he croons over soulful guitar riffs and smooth tenor sax.

Since debuting back in 2020, the London based outfit have established their own unique blend of  funk, disco, soul, jazz and dance. Their eclectic mix of sounds results in a mellow yet energetic vibe that you don’t forget easily. ‘Orchid’ delivers a commercial and contemporary, yet quirky and retro feel that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. Harboring a catchy chorus, the single will undoubtedly have you reaching for that repeat button.

Duke & The Dry Cleaners share, “Working with Hannah Warm on this track was a real privilege, her vocals really take it to another dimension. Collaborating with another artist overseas was an amazing experience for us, we learnt a lot to take forward into future projects. ‘Orchid’ has been a long time coming; we love how it’s turned out and can’t wait to share it.”

Hannah Warm adds, “Oli and I got to know each other through Instagram. We liked each other’s songs, hit it off, and led to a collaboration. While communicating online, I recorded in my studio at home. I am also in charge of artwork with the image of the Orchid flower.  I think it’s a very cool and exciting collaboration between the UK and Tokyo.”

The charisma and rhythm of this band is truly unmatched, and ‘Orchid’ rightfully proves that Duke & The Dry Cleaners should be kept firmly on your radar.

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