Lone Design Club | SS21

‘Fashion week is under the microscope. It’s time to reinvent what this looks like.’ – Lone Design Club

Lone Design Club set a clear intention, to re-imagine not only the long-standing structure of a traditional LFW show or event, but also the expectation of the industry as a whole. With a focus on sustainability and emerging technologies, the event comprised of a combination of activities and visuals in collaboration with Holition, a London based creative innovation studio. 

An open studio space welcomed guests, with rails lining the walls holding garments from designers with an emphasis on sustainability. The collection boasted a great variety, from Edward Mongzar’s range of pastel rainbow of soft silk dresses, to hand-painted leather jacket designer The Letter, emphasizing that style or aesthetic doesn’t need to be compromised for a sustainable future. Kludee’s classic suede knee high boots stood alongside shoes with statue like faces moulded into the leather peering out from a display by Ganor Dominic and a long white table was studded with sparkling earrings plated in gold and silver, glimmering with pearls and semi-precious stones from designers Alison Fern, Another Jewel and Alizeh Mirza Sherani

Dainty frosted bottles of serums by Japanese skincare vegan brand IRÉN lined the shelves and were handed out in gift bags, celebrating the launch of LDC X IRÉN Beauty Zone. Showcasing the idea of a traditional Japanese skincare ritual of layering, the products are designed to work together, and each person can build them in a way to suit their needs. The dedicated Digital Beauty Zone will highlight the top products from the range, expert advice and insider tips from IRÉN Co-founder and beauty expert, Kristin Chen.

Downstairs, the event brought about a change in atmosphere, from a bright, chatty space to a low lit, slightly more serious yet welcoming room, humming with technology. A film was projected onto the wall showing clips from recent Extinction Rebellion events and showcasing an app released by Holition

Intertwined Futures aims to enlighten the user and create greater accessibility to learning about ways we can become more sustainable. Utilising data collected from LFW 2018 and augmented reality to create a personal connection with the user, the app gives a visual of the effects of climate change. Five vines encase a caged tree, representing the five sectors with the highest greenhouse gas emissions. The user makes a promise to alter something small in their daily lives which will contribute positively to the environment, from options including taking shorter showers or installing a smart heating system. Each promise is visualised as an individual flower sprouting around the tree, as more people use the app more flowers will grow. Combining augmented reality with the accessibility and ease of an app bridges a gap that is often found between an individual and their relationship with sustainability. 

An interactive VR experience designed by Wenkly Studio was also available to get involved with, taking the user virtually back into the store upstairs to play a game with the same items that had physically been on show. Experimenting with the virtual world and incorporating fashion items into the experience provokes ideas of what could be to come in the future of fashion. Will there come a time when every physical item of clothing we own will come with a digital counterpart? Is it possible that physical garments could even cease to be produced, with creative technology surpassing the physical? Michal Rotyński, CEO at Wenkly Studio shared the following thought ‘We live in an exciting time, where each and every product of our imagination could be recreated in the virtual world… technology will be invaluable for the fashion industry, in a time where we want to encourage the world to look ahead to a new greener future. VR opens up a world without limits… set your own rules for the show and give the audience goosebumps from excitement!’

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Words: Imogen Lea