Mark Fast: Galaxy And Beyond | LFW AW24

Since it’s inception in 2008, coinciding with the completion of his MA at Central Saint Martins, Mark Fast has established himself as a pioneer in the realm of modern knitwear. A master in blending lycra with the finest luxury textiles, Fast’s signature body sculpted pieces with exaggerated fluffy knit textures continue to evolve with each passing season.

Upon entering the Westminster venue, guests are gracefully ushered in groups via lifts to a capacious, modern show space adorned with ceiling-high windows, strategically maximizing the pre-golden hour lighting. As one of the larger shows this season, the front row boasted an assemblage of familiar social media talent, seamlessly interspersed with seasoned industry professionals.

Whilst remaining committed to delivering beautifully hand-crafted knitwear with elegantly flowing tassels and faux-feather trims, Fast has progressively broadened his repertoire to incorporate more versatile, commercially appealing pieces. This expansion includes denim trousers, functional outerwear, jersey two-pieces and graphic t-shirts, juxtaposed with the more elegant statement eveningwear – a collection designed to cater to a diverse array of tastes and occasions.

The Autumn Winter 2024 collection titled ‘Galaxy And Beyond’, draws inspiration from the Futurist architect, Joe Colombo. It unfolds as a dynamic canvas, showcasing interstellar expressions and an extra-terrestrial edge, heightened by dynamic print patterns and glimpses of neon and metallic hues and patent textures. As quoted by the Mark Fast team, the collection is “where fashion merges with urban city architecture and combines space-inspired charm, gothic realm, and luxurious comfort, creating a striking presence on the urban streets”. The standout of the show undoubtedly became the thigh-high denim boots attached to short-shorts, making recurring appearances and complimented by matching gloves to add an extra wow-factor to each ensemble.

Among the myriad offerings, the pieces adorned with voluptuous faux-feathered trimming emerged as my personal favourites from the collection.

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Photographer: Brandon Hepworth
Words: Shanna Bent