Introducing the ‘Rouge’ Collection: A Fusion of Sophistication and Unapologetic Style from Aminda

Aminda, the renowned womenswear brand, unveils its latest creation, the ‘Rouge’ Collection. Infused with the fierce and vibrant energy of the colour red, this collection epitomizes sophistication, confidence, and unapologetic style.

Inspired by the stimulating and energizing qualities of the colour red, the Creative Director of the campaign, magawtf?, deliberately chose the title ‘Rouge.’ This hue invokes passion and desire while amplifying our physical presence, embodying the essence of the modern woman.

Drawing inspiration from the Robert Wun AW21 and Issey Miyake 87 campaigns, the ‘Rouge’ Collection incorporates dynamic movement, symbolizing the liberty and freedom of the contemporary woman.

The ‘Rouge’ Collection promises to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide. To offer a glimpse into the essence of this remarkable collection, Aminda cordially invites you to explore the captivating visuals featured in the campaign.

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Creative Direction and Styling – Magawtf?
Photography – BlueNotNice
Hair – Hair by Star Great
Makeup – Indeeya
Talent – Kumafaria and Lily Peters