Bad Sounds ‘Escaping from a Violent Time Vol. IV’ | Premiere

Following our catch up with the charismatic brothers last year, Bad Sounds are back with the fourth instalment of their ‘Escaping from a Violent Time’ sonic series. Premiering today accompanied by a new music video for lead track ‘Aah Song,’ the six-track EP maintains focus on music that feels authentic, with the British duo elevating their sound, and showcasing their versatility. Avoiding being categorised and boxed in, Callum and Ewan Merrett scrap everything people know and turn their discography upside down.

‘Aah Song’ is taken from the newest edition of ‘Escaping from a Violent Time Vol. IV’ carrying the final chapter’s resolution of letting the narrative ride its course; Bad Sounds reaffirms: “It was always our intention to release a series of EPs that linked together instead of an album. EFAVT has expanded to 4 Volumes and is much more of a “help yourself to what you want” kind of deal, rather than a strictly formatted collection of songs. Despite this, I still feel that it feels cohesive and people who go in hard on it will feel the thread that pulls it all together. We haven’t been fighting to stay on trend, we just want to be ourselves on record.”

Seen floating above the ground of a running track, Ewan’s hands behind his head, ‘Aah Song’ embraces taking the high road and sticking to what they know, making exceptionally vibrant music.

Previous singles, ‘Beggin’ and ‘On The Ropes,’ show Calum and Ewan on a running track, going in circles and running away, but ‘Aah Song’ gives off a constant, sentimental vibe, mirroring the closing credits, the end of an era.

Listen to the fourth and final chapter of the ‘Escaping from a Violent Time’ series; it’s been turbulent and experimental, but Bad Sounds have escaped the outside narrative and are set free.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova