Skythè Unveil Drop 02 Jewellery Collection

Skythè is a studio creating unique designs for jewellery based in London & Greece. Their dedicated team use an untraditional approach to traditional materials and techniques, often utilising 3D printers as well as modern post-consumer products as the primary source materials to recreate the silver designs, the finalisation process of manufacturing the each product is completely handmade.

Skythè Drop 02 explores the paradoxes of modern masculinity in this editorial featuring Hugo MacKenzie-Wood wearing its unisex collection of gothic jewellery. Floral designs are exacted in architectural lines and the scythe, often associated with death, reimagined as a form to be admired in beauty. A juxtaposition of brutality and beauty that also exists within constructs of masculinity.

To celebrate Drop 02, Skythè invites you to their launch party on 25th April at The Looking Glass in Shoreditch. Doors open 7pm until late. See the launch invite below and RSVP your interest to

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Skythe Studios by Evan Soll
Photography: Matthew Mumford
Creative Direction: Deneille Percival
Model: Hugo MacKenzie-Wood