Madison Beer Mesmerises at The Eventim Apollo

Taking the stage at the Eventim Apollo in London on 25.03, Madison Beer opened in a huge way with Good in Goodbye from her 2021 album, Life Support. It was clear from that moment, the audience would not miss a beat the entire duration of the show, eyes transfixed on Madison. 

When talking about Madison Beer, it’s important to take a moment to truly consider the immense star power of what she’s achieved as an artist. As one could assume with a platinum-selling singer, songwriter, producer and author, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Madison Beer is the first ever independently released female artist to score a top 30 position in the US top 40 chart with her EP, As She Pleases in 2018. Her global tour totals at 52 dates following the release of her GRAMMY nominated sophomore album, Silence Between Songs. As well the release of her highly acclaimed sultry single Make You Mine, and her memoir The Half of It, an unabashed and deeply earnest account of self-love, documenting her life in the limelight was released in April 2023. 

The Spinning Tour staging was seemingly minimalist but in a carefully crafted way. An all white platform was conjoined to a set of white stairs, those of which were fixed with led lights that lit up in time with the setlist. Smoke machines were utilized for a dreamy effect, assisting in the storytelling of her performance. A semi-circle shaped screen backed the platform and video aides were utilized throughout, adding to the cinematic feel. At either side of the base of the platform, the stage was home to her guitarist and drummer. Madison made a point to get involved with the crowd, remarking that her drummer didn’t scream loud enough. The crowd light-heartedly teased him into increasing his volume. Once Madison was satisfied – the show went on. This was a sweet nod to the tender and playful relationships she clearly has with her band.

Madison’s vocal range was expansive, fans were floored by every introduction to each new track. The performance had many dynamic elements; piano-accompanied slow songs existed in tandem with upbeat bass-heavy tracks. Those of which the audience embraced so heavily, you could feel the venue shake beneath your feet. Jumping and screaming that would’ve been appropriate for an amusement park was juxtaposed with delicate hair ribbons of pale pink. One would have wondered for a moment if the floor was going to collapse under the weight of her glittery satin-clad fans. 

Her setlist was interwoven with songs dating back to her earlier works like Tyler Durden from As She Pleases, up to recent releases 17 and At Your Worst from her recent acclaimed 2023 album Silence Between Songs. Taking the performance downtempo, Madison sat along the platform stairs whilst singing into a retro-effect camera lens. Thus bringing the audience into the narrative with her, as if she were telling us this story one on one in her living room. It’s become a trend in recent years for artists to end on their most popular track and exit the stage for good, nixing the classic encore. Madison did no such thing, re-entering the venue in a grandiose way with newest single Make you Mine. Smoke machines enrobed Madison as she emerged back into view – fans shrieking. You could tell this was one of the more anticipated songs of the evening. 

Madison’s online presence garners a staggering 80 million across platforms but social media is particularly skilled at compressing time. Unknown to many casual listeners, Madison has been in the industry since she was 12 years old and has been making music for over ten years.When songs become popular via mediums like Tiktok, it’s easy to ponder if those in the audience are merely waiting for 15 second viral snippets, but it was clear that these fans were dedicated, and had been for a long time. 

Madison mentioned the first time she played in London was six years ago at a small venue, she was in disbelief – standing in front of a crowd of thousands at the Eventim Apollo that night. There’s something to be said about musicians and performers who show up authentically whilst maintaining confidence in their skillset. There’s a fine line to dance when it comes to talent and relatability. This is especially true when singing to adoring fans who willingly left their paid-for seats to get comfy in the stairwell in order to secure a better view. 

Madison’s messaging is all about women empowering women and being honest, which is extremely admirable considering how ruthless the music industry can be. This message is maintained in lieu of being watched by millions and inevitably fighting misinformation alongside attempts to bash her character.

In an interview hosted by Lana Del Rey for Interview Magazine, Madison was asked about her experience in the public eye. Something that struck me is how candid both singers were. The two remark on their first chance meeting in a coffee shop in LA where Del Rey had to work up the nerve to say hello to Beer. I thought it was important to include a noteworthy quote from the interview, which sums up Beer’s perspective: “I want to be able to show other artists, and just females in general, that we have to be there for each other, and we have to love one another. Life is too short for envy”. 

Madison is a force of nature, interacting with the world honestly and without shame despite previous hardships. It’s easy to adore her. I entered the venue as an admiring journalist, but left a fan who will certainly be in attendance at a future show.

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Words: Lauren Bulla