SOONTOBEANNOUNCED is a creative collective moving with the spirit of the time. The brand develops the highest quality designs with a modern sensibility based on classic urban culture, embracing the soul of the youth. Inspired by the harmony of opposing concepts, they sculpt an up-to-date and alternative culture. Introducing values in tune with their own, it’s STBA’s chance to make everything more exciting. No need to fear the future anymore. STBA will shape it soon.

STBA is a brand that acknowledges current trends but stays authentic to its ideals. It serves customers looking for timeless silhouettes with a contemporary twist. RIVERA collection introduces a range of shirts with elegant graphics, multicolour mesh sets and various dresses perfect for a casual day out and a nighttime event. Anyone looking for luxurious comfort wear will find an array of options in STBA’s Summer Essentials Collection, including cropped hoodies, tank tops and ribbed mini dresses. For astrology enthusiasts, the brand created a unique Zodiac series featuring a t-shirt for each of the signs with its characteristics.

As it’s increasingly important for fashion brands to increase their sustainability efforts, STBA have started to use semi-recycled stocks, and leftover fabrics in their designs. They attach great importance to sustainability in the context of logistics, and carry out all production stages themselves on a local scale.

They’re a global brand inviting people from all backgrounds, races and genders to embark on the journey into the unknown with them. SOONTOBEANNOUNCED has a mystery in its DNA which is an original approach in the age of digital overexposure. The brand invites us to start a new, exhilarating chapter. Whether our story is set in a high-end resort, a busy city street or quiet suburbs, STBA allows us to choose the garments that fit any of our ever-changing moods and circumstances. They always keep a finger on the fashion pulse of the new generation.

STBA explores all corners of youth, interprets them persistently and boldly unravels them. Sometimes not having a specific story can be your main story! The constant uncertainty of our age and countless question marks fuel the brand’s creativity.

STBA guarantees that when you least expect it, something great will come along.