Unfathomable Lights | Eftychia AW22

Drawing inspiration from the bottomless chasms of the ocean, Eftychia‘s AW22 collection exhibits the same essence of limitless, translated through the timeless nature of this seasons pieces.

Mirroring the bioluminescent organisms that shimmer and glisten even in the darkness that lies at the depths of our sea beds, satin fabrics sheen as they dance down the dimly lit runway. Offering us a taste of the mysterious undiscovered creatures that played a role in crafting this collection, each unique item is as unseen and unexplored as them, a new tone for luxury workwear.

Eftychia takes us on a journey into these dark watery realms through a heavily muted neutral colour palette of Dark blues and brown complemented by cream, oyster and sour yellows that dance among the deep shades of the collection. Showcasing these injections of pearlescent fabrics, AW22 shows us reflective stripe trousers details and in one of the most recognisable pieces of the season, satin graces the runway in the form of a brown flowing skirt adjoined to a long sleeve velvet top half, a dress that highlights the classic impeccable tailoring that lies at the heart of Eftychia.

Their AW22 collection follows the brand’s signature of refining traditional office wear, this collection offers a touch of artistry and allure to what is considered a more mundane setting. Sensuality and sophistication draw us in, displayed through fitted jackets and oversized silhouettes as luxury and practicality combine. 

This season we are given a glimpse of a sporty aesthetic entwined. Silvers of colour appear on the trousers, combined with a mint and yellow shimmer shown off through the movement of the garment. 

Adding a somewhat seductive element to workwear, slips of skin flash through intentional cutouts, allowing for the wearer to feel stripped back. Eftychia aims to return the wearer to her inner self with each garment this season, integrating traditionally male shapes with feminine silhouettes to enhance the power of women and the dominant, unrivalled confidence of an Eftychia woman in the workplace.

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Words: Lorna May
Photographer: Jessica Mahaffey