B Dodi x Lee Reina | LFW AW22

Showcasing a collection of pure black colourways, leather, chains and not so subtle nods to bondage presented in the form of leather cuffs, B Dodi and Lee Reina partnered up for an intimate display of the underground fashion, an emerging trend on the scene this season.

Both designers are set to be cult favourites of the underground scene, combining a creative unseen approach to urban streetwear, this season’s collection brought us to the middle of a packed arena below the streets of London, figuratively of course, the presentation was in fact set in the intimate setting of 125 Bond street. However, when gazing upon the garments, we are transported to the real home of this collection, the rave scene, led by the eclectic creatives and fashion-forward icons that B Dodi and Lee Reina’s AW22 pieces were made for.

The presentations setting wasn’t the only intimate part of this collection, showcasing the affinity of this collaboration and perhaps a nod to demonstrate the softer side of bondage culture was experienced through live performance, each model dressing the other. In a powerful yet gentle fashion, the nature of the garments was emphasised through chains trickled across B Dodi’s accessories, featuring ironically as delicate accents to the hard-hitting designs.

With a heavy black colour palette from Lee Reina, B Dodi’s metal face masks, abstract silver earrings and finger accents played upon the layered, utility-style of Lee’s garments, watching as bomber jackets were paired with an eye-catching over-ear triangle headpiece.

This collaboration is an initiative set to shake the urban scene, a collection bringing a dominant atmosphere to whichever setting it stands, set to fuse fashion within the music scene and hit harder than the beats that bring ravers to life. The underground scene has a new love in their hearts and their pulses are racing for the eclectic accessories of B Dodi and the dark brooding designs of Lee Reina.

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Photography: Florence Law
Words: Lorna May