VIN + OMI Present ART at LFW AW22

For LFW AW22, eco designers Vin + Omi went on a journey to a land far far away, where all of our childhood memories live, and graciously brought us along for the ride. Well known for their eco approach, their garments have been worn by Kate Moss, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and Beyonce and more.

The inseparable duo once again showed their colourful vision by relating to each kid’s experience: from baby crib carousel and pacifier to setting up a tent and watching fairy tales. On the occasion of this unforgettable experience, we took a class on sustainability and reuse. The brand has presented the first dress purely made out of chestnuts, worn by Jo Wood, the former wife of The Rolling Stones guitarist. ‘Vin and Omi have developed a way of fusing chestnut pulp to make a durable, waterproof plant leather. Most mushroom and fruit leather requires the addition of artificial additives. The chestnut leather offers a breakthrough in sustainable fashion.’

The show started with an elegant see-through dress which might sound too blank, but its tailoring and the model’s polka-dot makeup changed the game. The first dress was followed by a collection of various styles, a prodigious range of colours, lots of patterns. Vin + Omi have otherworldly imagination. For them, the limits have never been invented. Between the walks, there were also dancing models. The show slowly has been transforming into a performance, including a lady dressed up as a Troll, carrying a troll, making us trolls laugh. Fun was everywhere, way beyond our expectations. Vin + Omi did a spectacular job. It seems like they mixed all of the possible ideas, put them all together and surprisingly made them work: we love to see this.

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Photography: The Pesty Demon
Words: Kinga Ludwin