5 Minutes With Billboard Charting Artist Coline Creuzot

Coline Creuzot is a Houston born singer/songwriter with an incredibly vibrant voice. Coline’s heavenly vocals and enthusiasm for music are fascinating, she fell in love with the arts at a young age and always knew she was destined for greatness from her creative drive.

Once she had completed her undergraduate degree in Business Management at Hampton University, the musician turned boss lady opted to return to Houston to pursue music full-time. At this time she endured the growing pains of life, which is reflected in her songs. 

Coline then was connected to Happy Perez, a fellow Houstonian and producer who has worked with Miguel, Mariah Carey, and Frank Ocean. They worked together on a track called ‘Give and Take,’ which became an instant smash, reaching number one on the Houston radio charts. 

Coline, known for her powerful soulful voice and poetic storytelling, pays homage to old-school R&B with a modern swagger. Her most recent single “Sometimes” is a song about being honest with our true feelings. Featuring a warm spellbinding melody, soulful and heart-wrenching lyrics, the video for “Sometimes” depicts the relatable narrative of missing that special person in your life. 

“I wanted to portray the agony of missing someone. I can recall days feeling just like this…wondering if you should call, waiting for a reply, reminiscing about the good times, pacing, mind racing and it being so heavy on your mind that when you do fall asleep you’re dreaming about it. I also wanted to end the video on a high note- one that matches the meaning of the song for me… If you love someone, let them know.” Says Coline on the visuals for “Sometimes”. 

In a further, more in-depth conversation with Coline, Noctis Magazine learns more about the track “Sometimes” and get to know the artist on a deeper level. 

Will you let us know what it is like being a female artist, hailing from Texas?

There’s so much culture in and around the city of Houston! I think being from Houston has shaped who I am as an artist. The contributions that DJ screw made to music and also growing up in a city that birthed Destiny’s Child and the hip hop era of Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug and many others has had a huge influence on me as an Artist. 

What was your journey into the industry like? As a child, were you surrounded by sound? Did you listen to any household names that influence you now?

My parents put me in dance at a very young age and I fell in love with performing and expressing myself creatively. I started writing songs and trying to come up with melodies when I was in elementary school and was in a few girl groups throughout the years. My parents always exposed me to great music. From R&B to Country. I used to ride with my dad and listen to country and lots of R&B (Isley Brothers, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross and Minnie Riperton). To this day Donny Hathaway is one of my favourite artists. 

I read you are a singer and songwriter, how is it merging those skills together?

It’s an amazing process. I love writing- being able to tell my story- it’s therapeutic for me. The recording and performing part of it is the best -being able to share it with the world and see and feel people’s connection to it.

Most of your music follows themes of romance, true feelings, and emotion – do you pull from your own life to create your tracks?

Yes. I definitely pull from my own life. Things and people and personal experiences are my inspiration.

Your new single “Sometimes” depicts the relatable narrative of missing that special person in your life, can you let us know what it was like producing this track and music video?

I worked with some amazing people on this track. It was produced by Happy Perez and co-written with Sam Hook. Sam and I went into the studio, talked for a bit, listened to the track and the song was born. The overall message to me is If you love someone let them know.

My idea for the video was to highlight the agony of missing someone. Waiting on those calls and texts, debating whether or not to reach out, reminiscing on the good times etc.

How do you want your audience to feel while listening to “Sometimes”?

I think we have all felt this way at some point…my hope is always that my music helps people in some way. 

From your own experiences, what advice would you give other female artists?

Be consistent, Be YOU, stay focused and never give up!

Are you going to perform the single live? Have you got any shows lined up, can you tell us a bit about them? 

I am working on lining up shows and finishing up the album. I’m excited to release my debut album this year.

How would you like your music to develop even more over the next couple of years?

As I evolve as a woman, my music evolves. New experiences give me a new perspective. I look forward to collaborating with new producers and songwriters as well, which will have an impact on the evolution of my sound. 

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Words: Izabel Rose