A Global Takeover With WONHO

“Don’t wanna fight. Don’t wanna play. I can’t get over you. Just wanna watch. You leave tonight. It’s something I can’t do. Cos baby in your game of love. I know I’m gonna lose”‘Lose,’ WONHO

Hailing from Seoul, South Korean, K Pop sensation WONHO releases his highly anticipated solo mini-album, ‘Love Synonym #2: Right For Us’, a continuation from his solo debut from September last year. 

By his stage name WONHO, Lee Ho-seok is a former member of the South Korean boy band Monsta X, now embarking on a solo journey. The 28-year-old keeps on showcasing his songwriting and production skills throughout his two-part series, whereas the focus track ‘Lose’ is an unmistakable jam that will make everyone move and sing along. 

Drawing from his dedicated WENEE fandom, WONHO sends hidden messages via his lyrics, “thank you for waiting, I’m here now” and “we’re here together.” As a spectator, seeing the compelling connection between an artist and his fans, I have no doubt that is the secret behind the success of K Pop music. 

WONHO presents his new mini-album, ‘Love Synonym #2: Right For Us’, and unveils backstories to some of the lyrics. Besides his passion for music and WENEE, he is dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Where did we catch you? What are you up to? 

I just went to the gym! I’ve been working on my music, exercising, and of course, staying connected with WENEEs!

Where are you based at the moment? 

I’m currently based in Seoul, Korea.

When and how did you get into healthy eating and exercising? 

I can’t remember exactly when, because I’ve always been interested in a healthy diet and working out as far as I remember, haha.

How do you stay in shape and stick to a healthy diet? 

I’m flattered, haha. I feel like it’s my responsibility to take care of my body as an artist so yeah, I’m trying!

Was it difficult for you when you began your solo career? 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry. I had my concerns as I embarked on a new journey as a solo artist. But that didn’t last long as I realized that my fans, WENEE, are there cheering me on!

How is it different to being a part of a group when it comes to songwriting?

Nothing is drastically different but now I’m more involved in the whole music making process!

What is ‘Losing You’ about? 

It’s inspired by my fans, WENEE, who were always there for me and supported me. So it’s definitely my message to WENEE, showing my gratitude and love for them!

How would you compare ‘Love Synonym #1: Right for Me’ with ‘Love Synonym #2: Right for Us’? 

The first Love Synonym album was my announcement, “thank you for waiting. I’m here now” as I begin my solo career and the second album was made with the intention to tell my fans that “we’re here together.” The music in my second Love Synonym album is also deeper, stronger, and sounds more mature.

What is ‘Lose’ inspired by? 

I wanted to make a song that could evoke different images and provoke imagination as the title itself, “Lose,” can be interpreted into several different meanings such as “lose” as in “to lose an object” or it can also mean “to lose in a game.” 

How would you describe ‘Love Synonym #2: Right for Us’? 

“Love Synonym #2: Right for Us” is the last album of the Love Synonym series following “Love Synonym #1: Right for Me.” It’s about defining love in my own terms and conveying the message I wanted to tell my fans which was “let’s stay together.”

How was it collaborating with Kiiara on ‘Ain’t About You’? 

It was great, she’s an awesome musician and I’m so happy with how the song turned out.

What are you planning next? 

I can’t tell you everything I’m planning but I’m always planning exciting things so please stay tuned!

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Words: Karolina Kramplova