A ON | Looking Ahead to 2024

In this exclusive interview with the talented and versatile artist A ON, we gain insight into his perspective on the upcoming year and how he plans to channel his excitement into his music and career. Through his unique sound and signature style, this music producer and live performer is ready to take his project to new heights in 2024. 

Now, A ON shares thoughts on personal traditions, industry trends, and the goals that drive his artistry; so, join us as we explore A ON’s approach to the new year and his advice for emerging artists.

What excites you the most about the new year, and how do you plan to channel that excitement into your music and career?

I am excited to see what happens with my new music coming out on 2024 and I want to channel the momentum to keep being active with A ON producing new music and performing live.

As the calendar turns, can you share a personal tradition or ritual that helps set a positive tone and inspires your creativity for the upcoming year?

I am not a person of making NYE resolutions, but I would say that I try to gain a new perspective, and in a way, have the new year as an opportunity to keep reaching higher goals.

The new year often symbolizes a fresh start. Are there any habits or practices you intend to leave behind or adopt to enhance your musical journey in 2024?

I normally get together with people and celebrate. This year I am not sure if a big party feels right, but definitely I will try to celebrate it positively.

In the world of Electronic music, trends can evolve rapidly; what trends or shifts in the industry do you anticipate playing a significant role in the new year, and how do you plan to adapt? 

I have seen the 90s sound having a strong comeback. I had the chance to bring those sounds without trying hard since, I went through it in my early teenage years. I normally don’t look on what’s hitting as music trend in the meantime. So as always, I am going to keep making my own style of music that still seems to be very personal.

Looking back on your musical catalog, is there a particular track or project from your past that you feel has prepared you best for the challenges and opportunities the new year may bring? 

Definitely, my last Synthpop duo NOIA has given me a base to cover a lot on which synths and sounds I enjoy using. Also, tons of experience in the melodic side of my compositions. I would say the tracks “Rose Garden”, “Datura” and “Plantasia” have a lot of Electronic stuff rooted into them.

As you set new goals for yourself in the new year, can you share an example of a past goal that you successfully achieved and the key strategies that helped you reach it?

I think last year I had a big ambition to make A ON be a real project, and it is definitely working, so I want to have that same vibe with me in order to keep developing the next stages of this music project. I am glad I have not just developed the music, but also the whole image, outfits and visual side, so there is a very genuine concept.

The new year often brings a sense of renewal and reinvention. Are there any specific areas of your artistry that you plan to refine or elevate in the coming year to take your craft to the next level?

I want, for sure, to keep making music, since I always feel there is so much I want or need to learn. I also want to venture deeper in the production of my outfits. My first production has been tons of work and big effort, so I would like to find a way that it’s not as hard work as it has been. 

Can you tell us about a specific moment or experience from your career in this past year that has fueled your determination and passion to make the most of the coming months?

I think it might be the first A ON show I played last summer. People seemed very excited and came to me after my performance to congratulate me and ask me about when I will release my songs. So that gave me confidence to make a step forward and start releasing the music.

As you embark on this journey into the new year, what advice would you give to emerging artists who are looking up to you as a source of inspiration and guidance?

Don’t listen to anybody and do what feels right. Don’t try hard to be something you are not because that’s what people wants.

Can you describe a memorable moment from your career that occurred around New Year’s Eve or the beginning of a new year, and how did it shape your outlook and aspirations?

To be honest most NYE’s have been very chill and on a Holiday vibe, so I am looking forward to have a musical experience on a NYE in the future!

As we finish this interview with A ON, we thank him for his time sitting down to share his insights with us. His outlook for the new year and his approach to music and creativity are surely inspiring to fellow artists and followers; as he emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself. We wish him a successful and creative year ahead, filled with new milestones and releases, in the meantime, make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his new releases and projects.

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