Aaron Lawlor returns with his latest offering ‘Learn It’ | Premiere

 Aaron Lawlor is a warmly embraced edition to the Irish music scene and has a track record for painting visceral pictures about Dublin’s social scene, and ‘Learn It‘ picks up what ‘Smooch Smooch Kiss‘ and ‘Van Der Sar’ puts down. The single discusses life’s day-to-day struggles, including loneliness, money worries, and the monotony of work.

Aaron opens up about ‘Learn It‘, explaining: 

It’s a track about struggling with money and the loneliness around moving away. It’s about working nearly every day just to afford to live with very few luxuries. It’s about how people work like this their whole life and how I want to get out of this work-5-days 2-days-off type of lifestyle and hopefully achieve something better.”
Aaron Lawlor deals in disillusionment rap, and business is booming. This path has been previously trodden by the likes of Kojaque, yet Aaron doesn’t follow in anybody’s footsteps. Having been picked up by the likes of Earmilk, Nialler9, and BBC Radio, Aaron is clearly headed in the right direction.

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