Tom Pointer | 5 Minutes With

Tom Pointer is bursting back onto the scene with a new outlook and all the trappings of a star on the rise. His latest single ‘Too Much Too Soon’ cements him as an infectious melody maker and lyricist with stratospheric potential. We caught up with Tom to find out what makes him tick and discover more about his inspirations and plans for the future.

Hey Tom, loving the new single! ‘Too Much Too Soon’ has a subtle groove to it- which artists inspired this release?

I wrote it in the summer of 2020 when I was discovering more and more female R&B artists, Amber Simone, Amber Mark, Mahalia, Billie Eilish, Jorja Smith to name a few. Also, listening to Billie Eilish also inspired me to experiment with a subtle vocal style to put across different emotions. 

You’ve already played shows in several continents. Where are you hoping to take your live show to next? Do you have any bucket list venues?

I would love to perform in New York! I travelled there 3 years ago and I stumbled across so many great venues by chance and witnessed some memorable intimate shows. Everything about the city, the food, dance, architecture, fashion and music gave me a feeling of creative fusion and I would love to soak up more of the culture. The city seems to breed creatives with authentic originality.

What does the musical process look like for you? Has your songwriting and music creation process adapted and changed over the past couple of years?

I used to take ideas and mould them with producers like Lewi White (Devlin/Ed Sheeran) in a studio environment, his guidance was key when I was starting out. Nowadays, I like to write and develop full songs at home and play them live before I even step near the studio mic. The song evolves naturally and through trial and error it grows and grows. However it’s frustrating when people want to hear it afterwards and they can’t find it anywhere!

Your sound shifts between multiple genres- how would you describe your personal sound?

I’d describe it as best-heard -live! I like to tell the story and really connect with audiences so live shows will always stand out for me. I’m a soul singer at heart and I listen to a lot of RnB and soul/disco in my free time, I’m fascinated by the relationship between the percussion and lyrical rhythm.

What is the next year looking like for you?

I’ve had a great start to 2022 so I want it to continue! After 2 sold-out nights and 2 Sofar shows in London and Madrid, I’m really happy. I’m planning another release for the Autumn to launch my next EP ‘People’ (produced by edbl) and more shows for September/October after a summer break. I’ve connected with so many new fans this year really well so I’m working on making the shows later this year intimate and personal, but maintaining all the energy and groove of the music.

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