Abbacaxi Returns with ‘The Pageant’

Irish multi-instrumentalist Abbacaxi burst onto the scene earlier this year with the ever infectious single ‘More Than I Need’. It was a feel-good introduction that delivered swathes of nostalgia, and now the artist returns with ‘The Pageant’, a colourful nod to Soul, Disco, and House anthems of the 90s. Showcasing a sound that appears to come very naturally, Abbacaxi intertwines liquid bass lines with the wonky vibes of old-school disco, topped off by a dreamy vocal. Irresistible from start to finish, ‘The Pageant’ is an ode to the dancefloor. 

In many ways, the songs message comes from within its title – it’s a celebration, as Abbacaxi explains: “It’s about the feeling of being in sync with the people around you. Sometimes it’s one person, sometimes it’s hundreds of people moving together in exact rhythm. I put myself at the scene of a parade with hundreds of proud individuals in happy tandem.” Inspired by the aspect of togetherness often felt at raves, ‘The Pageant’s’ upbeat nature comes at the perfect time as clubs finally reopen across the artists home country.

Not only is ‘The Pageant’ dripping in nostalgia and deeply addictive, it’s also firmly rooted within the artists personality. From the moment the artist chose his stage name – an intentional misspelling of the Portuguese word for pineapple, with the addition of an additional B which acts as an ode to ABBA’s legendary aesthetic – everything he produces transmits a unique and loveable energy.  

From what we’ve heard of Abbacaxi’s initial offerings, we’re sure in for a treat in the near future. ‘The Pageant’ has the air of a seasoned producer, with years of releases under their belt, which is truly impressive. Subtle nods to the likes of St Germain and Laurent Garnier transport us back to the 90s where the stress of recent years are swiftly forgotten, it’s the perfect escape. With his debut EP set to release in early 2022, expect to hear more of the ever-expanding Abbacaxi sound.

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Words: Jake Wright
Photography: Jake Duggan