Abi Ocia ’30 Underwater’ | Exclusive BTS

In between blowing out candles and surprise parties, birthdays tend to evolve around doubts, reflections, fears of aging, and questions of ‘what am I doing with my life?’. 

West London’s artist Abi Ocia raises similar existential queries on her new moving single ’30 Underwater’ that flows with her immensely relatable and raw lyricism on top of soaring guitar riffs and acoustic, atmospheric soundscapes. 

Ocia is face-to-face with the crashing waves of adulthood that do not comply with forecasts or warnings. ’30 Undwewater’ highlights Ocia’s heavenly soft vocals encapsulating a moment of self-reflection while feeling all kinds of anxiety below the surface. 

“I’m swimming in the pain of this season,” Abi Ocia sings as she threads the water of the future and swirls of uncertainty. ’30 Underwater’ is a case of art that is not rushed, a tranquil body of work of honesty and faith. 

Speaking of the music video, Abi Ocia explains: Washed up, wave-battered and desperate is how I’d describe the visual for ’30 Underwater.’ The video provides a window into the uncomfortable shores of uncertainty, fear and grief. Shot in Pett Level where my late Dad grew up, a place where many childhood memories are etched into its shores; the visual speaks to the very heart of the song – an honest struggle with the passing of time as I age. Filming in a place with so much personal significance was very poignant. Add to that the icy conditions of a wintery British sea, shooting was an emotionally raw and physical challenge. I still occasionally find the odd bit of sand in my ear. I am grateful for the most magical crew and phenomenal director, Helena Coan, for providing a safe space to be vulnerable on and off camera. This visual will forever hold a very special home in my heart.”

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Director: Helena Coan
Director of Photography: Nathalie Pitters
Production Manager: Andrea Aberg
1st AC: Samara Addai
2nd AC: Chelsea Bernard
Hair & Make Up Artist: Charlene Williams
BTS Photographer: Lennon Gregory
Runner: Andrew Smart 
Driver: Philippe Vernalde
Editor: Matt Gabzdyl, Final Cut
Colourist: Vic Parker, Raised by Wolves
Kit supplier: PixiPixel

Words: Karolina Kramplova