Yvonne Ambrée ‘Another Space’ | PREMIERE

Yvonne Ambrée‘s latest offering and premiering single, ‘Another Space,’ opens up and pulls you in like a big black hole, bridging time and space, earth and sky. ‘Another Space’ is a testament to a new relationship’s emotional back and forth, euphoric blissful highs, and frustrating uncertainty.

Berlin-born singer/songwriter Yvonne Ambrée has a magic touch with creating soundscapes beyond imagination and matching atmospheric illusions with similar conceptual themes.

‘Another Space’ evolves around the lingering unpredictability of a new relationship, where the track’s production begins slow and escalates into Stranger Things-worthy earworm with layers of dramatic synths.

Yvonne Ambrée details the track: “Another Space seems simple at first – the lyrics, the chords, the space in between. However as the song slowly moves on it becomes clear everything is not as easy as it seems. It evolves from something light to a rather gloomy feeling towards the end of the song due to the layers of dramatic synths that open up like a big black hole. Lyrically it plays with the concept of the first months of getting to know somebody romantically when you move from moments of immense closeness to the first moment when you start doubting or all of a sudden you don’t feel as sure about it anymore – this back and forth between high bliss and uncertainty which we all experience at the beginning of something new.”

Ambrée also explains the concept behind accompanying visuals for ‘Another Space’, directed Will Kitchings. “I am portrayed as this person following a couple around New York and eventually breaking into their apartment only to find out that I am invisible to them – maybe even from the start. Who knows who at the end of it all?”

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Words: Karolina Kramplova