Aibai Shares Euphoric EP ‘Disconnected’

Immerse yourself in Aibai’s dreamy debut ‘Disconnected‘. Transporting listeners into a whimsical realm of mellow melody, cascading rhythms and pulsing beats, her latest release is nothing short of perfection. 

Creating a cinematic soundscape, Aibai’s ability to create ambience with her music is something truly remarkable. ‘Disconnected’ offers four tunes that encapsulate her enchanting emotions and true musical capabilities into a contagious alt-pop paradise. Opening the EP with leading single ‘Higher’, Aibai utilises samples she recorded of her roommates, as well as her pets (yes, you read that right!). She explains, “It was super fun including everyone on this song! And I had a fun time taking their voices, meows, and barks and turning them into a cool new sound that could add to the song.” 

Her all-encompassing approach to production sees Aibai create synthy alt-pop like no other. Experimentation with sampling and production techniques become even more apparent in ‘Peaches’ and ‘Gone’, allowing her to create transcending tunes and a truly euphoric debut EP. We’re sure to see great things from Aibai coming months. 

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Words: Alexander Williams