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Meet Aaron Lee, the talent behind AIRPORTS. Hailing from Brisbane, he’s not your typical artist. Aaron’s approach to music is all about pushing boundaries and creating a one-of-a-kind sound. 

He takes the energy of punk, the rhythm of drum and bass, and the infectious vibes of EDM, weaving them together into a sound that’s both crisp and catchy. His latest single, ‘NEED U HERE,’ is a window into his personal experiences. It delves into the themes of loss and self-identity, offering listeners a chance to connect with the emotions he pours into his music.

‘NEED U HERE’ is a prime example of how Aaron tastefully blends pop-punk with drum and bass, drawing inspiration from bands like Pendulum. It’s a fresh take on a unique musical fusion.

To get a sense of AIRPORTS, we jump straight into it with the man himself…

Your musical style is a unique blend of punk, drum and bass, and EDM, which creates a fresh and innovative sound. Can you tell us about the journey that led you to combine these diverse genres into your music?

I was in pop punk bands in school, playing Blink 182 covers and all that. Then I got into DJ-ing and producing, making hip-hop and EDM at the same time. Eventually, I had a touring DJ career for years but always missed being in a band. Now I feel like I’m mixing it all together.

Childhood experiences often shape an artist’s creative direction. Were there any musical or life experiences from your early years that influenced your decision to become a musician?

Absolutely. My dad is a country/rock n roll singer so growing up around a lot of music and his shows definitely set me on the course with becoming a musician. I also took a drastic turn from martial arts and found my own music path when I was hospitalised from a blood disorder when I was 14.

Your latest single “NEED U HERE” delves into personal and emotional themes like loss and self-identity. How do you approach weaving such deep experiences into your music while maintaining relatability for your listeners?

I think it’s just about leaving lyrics open-ended, giving enough but not giving too much – so the listener can relate them to their own experiences.

The fusion of pop-punk vocals with drum and bass elements in “NEED U HERE” is a captivating experiment. Could you elaborate on the creative process that led to blending these distinct sonic elements together?

Thank you 🙂 I’ve been wanting to mix these genres for years as they’re two of my favs. It was a harder feat to pull off than imagined. Although both are similar tempos, both genres in their classic form are often opposite moods and both are mixed (engineered) entirely differently.

I had to get a few talented friends to help get it over the finish line.

“NEED U HERE” explores the idea of loss from various angles, including the loss of loved ones and self-identity. How do you hope your listeners will connect with these themes and find solace in your music?

Music is catharsis for the creator, as is catharsis for the listener. It’s a beautiful cycle that gently reminds us we are never alone.

How do you maintain your artistic integrity while also catering to a broader audience’s expectations?

Honesty in the words,

Innovation in the palette,

Wide appeal in the production.

As you continue to explore new horizons in 2023, can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming releases and any exciting directions you’re planning to take your music in?

I’m currently finishing something that will further entertain the genre-blending heard in Need U Here, but pushes the ideas further. 

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Words: Izabel Rose