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Hazy shoegaze alt-rock band MRCH, a duo compromised of friends Mickey and Jess, are creating a buzz in the Arizona music scene. Having shared the stage with legendary acts such as CHVRCHES, Foster The People and many more, it’s just a matter of time before they end up on the radar of 80s and 90s nostalgia alt-rock fans.

Accompanied by a dreamy lilac-tinted video, their newest single ‘Easiest To Bend‘ explores strength in vulnerability and being able to let your guard down. Coming after a three year EP break, this refreshed sound is just a taster of what’s to come on their forthcoming EP, as the band begin a new chapter, and tackle some hard hitting emotions.

We had the lovely opportunity to catch up with Mickey and Jess about the best advice they’ve received on their journey, showing humility in the industry, accomplishments to be proud of, and creative processes.

Thanks for speaking with us! Firstly let’s go back to the beginning of your musical journey, what made you start a band?

All the usual things. Seeing the most interesting folks scream into a microphone and hearing loads of people screaming back to them. Relating to them. Music meant finding your people, and being less lonely. I think we mostly just started a band for friends. 

Fast forward to the present and your new single ‘Easiest To Bend’ can you tell us a little bit more about the story behind this track?

Things were really unstable growing up, and my bio father was incarcerated. So from the time I was very young, vulnerability seemed kinda like a liability. I wanted to be strong. Easiest to Bend is about coming to the realisation that it’s not a weakness to be vulnerable. There’s strength in letting your guard down and just being totally yourself.

How would you say a song comes to you? And what is the creative process of making music for you both?

A: A lot of times it’s just a sound that catches our ear. A few of the EP songs were different though, because they began with a theme. 

You’ve worked with some great people in the industry – who would you say has taught you both a thing or two that you’ll never forget? And what’s the best advice they’ve given you?

We’ve mostly learned things the hard way. Wouldn’t necessarily say the “wrong” way, cause that would imply there’s some set path. But, genuinely have to say Jim Adkins has been a sort of sounding board on a huge range of things. From lyrics to arrangements, to random one-off business questions. Loads of helpful stuff there. Most of all though, his example of humility and lack of a “gate keeper-y” attitude has stood out more than anything. When an artist is that successful and still excited to share what they’ve learned along the way with muuuuuch less established bands… It’s just really really cool. 

You’ve also shared the stages with the likes of CHVRCHES, Foster The People and Blood Red Shoes, who else would you like to join someday?

I’ve got a top 3. Garbage, Metric, Wolf Alice. They’re just rad musicians. I hold them in such high esteem.  

When it comes to making music videos, do you often take control of the ideas and creative process, or collaborate with other creatives to see your vision through? 

Both! A lot of times we do it all out of necessity. And we like being involved in the whole process too. But, collaborating with other artists genuinely inspires us and can make it more fun.  

What can we look forward to in your forthcoming EP?

A range of emotions. Walking through a crisis. Finding a sense of belonging. Some ethereal moments. A start to a whole new chapter. 

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment so far? And what’s something you’d still like to achieve? 

A few times our music was used in different tv series’. Each time was huge to us because we found so many of our favourite bands through shows growing up (hence the EP title TV Bliss)… We’re still holding out for a song in a film though. We’re a bit obsessed with movies. So, to have a moment where we get to sit down in a theatre and hear one of our songs, would be Nicole-Kidman-level magic to us. 

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Words: Rojan Said