Pre-Show Rituals with Alewya

You might be familiar with Alewya. One of the UK’s most exciting rising stars and an icon in the making, Alewya is the definition of an artist – in every form. Her prolific talents stretch well beyond the parameters of a singer-songstress. Honing the art of illustrating and sculpting through DIY foundations, her distinctive creative process has made her the free-spirited independent artist she is today.

Performing her biggest headline show to date at London’s Scala, we spoke with Alewya about all things tours, nerves and rituals. 

Who is Alewya? How would you like to be described?

 I’m still discovering who I am and I’d like to be described as the woman that follows her gut.

Congratulations on your tour announcement, that is so exciting! What songs are you most excited to perform on tour?

Thank you, I love performing all my music but specifically Jagna. Also testing out some new sounds I’ve been working on too so it’s all exciting me.

What cities are you looking forward to exploring? 

Every city I’m grateful for but I especially can’t wait for my music to lead me outside of Europe and into Africa, South America and Asia.

If you could bring out any artist on stage with you, who would it be?

I would love to perform with M.I,A and Kombilesa Mi, dope duo from Colombia. 

What’s the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you with regards to touring?

Put yourself first and listen to what you need from Little Simz

What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety?

 It’s just a moment, so significant and not at the same time. Whatever happens is meant to.

Do you follow a process or ritual before a performance?

I pray, write, read and calm myself.

How would you handle traveling and being away from your home for an extended time period while you were on tour?

It’s hard being away from the things that make you feel like yourself. I call my loved ones and pray and remind myself it won’t be for long and that it’s part of the process. 

What are you hoping your fans take away from your music / live performance?

Freedom and elevation, I want the experience to feel liberating and life giving. There’s good times there for us to create .

Is there a message you’re hoping to instill in your live performances?

Creativity is in all of us and in all the imperfections. The magic is in surrendering to it.

What’s in store for Alewya in the coming year? 

More life and blessings!

Dates include:

22nd Feb London, Scala
23rd Feb Berlin, Berghain – Kantine
24th Feb Amsterdam, Melkweg Upstairs
1st Mar Nantes, Stereolux 
2nd Mar Paris, Hasard Ludique

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Words: Vee Pandey