Allegra ‘Used to Miss You’ | Premiere

Amassing over 1 million Spotify streams in just two singles and racking in 10 million TikTok views with her previous release ‘All About Us’, Allegra is hitting us with her latest fusion of disco-house-beats ‘Used To Miss You’. Delivering an endless flow of relatable, empowering lyrics, ‘Used To Miss You’ is set to be a summer 2021 anthem, ready to bring us out of our post lockdown blues.

Written during the first lockdown ‘Used To Miss You’ aside from its catchy flow and Allegra’s melodic stream of stimulating vocals and powerful female stance the track offers a deeper message, inviting listeners to let go of toxicity in their life, embrace positivity and vibe your way into a brighter future. Part of Gen Z, Allegra couldn’t be more in touch with her listeners, always influencing her audience to take on a self-love approach.  

 ‘Used To Miss U’ shows a real progression for Allegra’s style, both in the delivery and visuals accompanying the track, we are offered an insight into a new, unseen side to Allegra’s music, the upcoming video embracing more daring, fashion forward looks, somewhat symbolic of Allegra’s growing presence in the industry.

Set to release a number of remixes for ‘Used To Miss You’ following its release, including one from the dance music legend R3HAB, we can expect to hear Allegra’s infectious dance-house vocals playing on a loop for the summer season.

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Words: Lorna May
Photography: Lara Jay Pattinson