An Electrifying Nod to 90s NYC Club Culture With Saint Ahmad

If you think the spirit of 90’s club kid nostalgia was a thing of the past, think again as NYC-based LGBTQ+ artist Saint Ahmad is proving otherwise with “MINDS.” This latest single is a sonic concoction that’s part retro and part revolutionary. 

Born in Tashikawahi-shi, Tokyo, Japan, Saint’s journey into music started at church. For him, music has always been the chosen medium of self-expression, inspiration, and self-healing.

He made his musical debut in 2021 with alt hip-hop singles “It’s Just Me” and “Clouds,” which garnered significant media acclaim due to his fluid approach to music, avant-garde aesthetics, and impeccable choreography. Fast forward to now, and we witness Saint at his most raw and baddest self yet, creating a musical vortex of rich imagination filled with unhinged sounds, visuals, and messages of self-empowerment that converge into a provocative dance playground.

It’s clear that Saint is an artist who has been transforming the NYC club circuit with his self-love anthems, and is undoubtedly ‘that b*tch.’ As a Black, queer visionary, he draws inspiration from the queer revolutionaries who paved the way for him, like RuPaul and Leigh Bowery, whose influence echoes through the vibrant streets of NYC, London, and beyond. And this latest offering “MINDS” is, in his words, “a reminder for me to let go of all the past ideas I had of myself and what I felt I needed to be.” 

Saint has always used his music to inspire others to live freely and authentically, “MINDS” is yet another significant release in his ever-evolving musical catalogue. Whether you’re a devoted club kid or simply someone in search of a musical revolution, this track is bound to leave an indelible mark on your nightlife experience.

In the music video, expertly directed by Joe Cohen, Saint paints the town with fellow club artist Apollo, the dazzling drag queen Syrennara, and the turntable wizard DJ Maxwell Vice. 

With “MINDS” and beyond, Saint’s musical style knows no bounds, effortlessly blending elements of UK club, Jersey Club, pop, R&B, and throwback hip-hop. As a hopeless romantic and an out-and-proud gay man, his music dives headfirst into themes of personal empowerment, wild nights, love, and sex, exploring the out-of-this-world fantasies that swirl within his creative mind.

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Words: Izabel Rose
Photography courtesy of Saint Ahmad on Instagram