Anaïs Cardot Unfurls Her New EP ‘Pink Magnolia’

Singer-songwriter Anaïs Cardot‘s debut EP, ‘Pink Magnolia,’ is a musical journey that blooms like the eponymous flower. With a background of successful singles ‘Can’t Explain‘ and ‘Colors,’ the EP boasts vibrant, alluring tracks showcasing her multilingual talent and modern production with a melodious exploration of self-discovery and heartbreak, featuring emotionally charged vocals and luxurious harmonies. Sparse instrumentation, including acoustic guitars and pianos, gives Cardot’s voice room to shine. The EP’s title, ‘Pink Magnolia,’ is not just a name but a metaphor, comparing her artistic growth to the enchanting bloom of a flower. Despite personal challenges, Anaïs Cardot’s music has garnered recognition from industry giants, and her recent graduation from Ottawa University marks a significant milestone, further propelling her musical career. Anaïs Cardot is a rising star, and ‘Pink Magnolia’ is set to elevate her recognition even higher. We caught up with her to chat about the new EP.

Anaïs, congratulations on your debut EP ‘Pink Magnolia.’ Can you share with us the inspiration behind the title and what it means to you personally?

‘ELODIE’ is an ode to the beauty of life, it’s a reminder of the importance of everything around us, no matter how small thy are.

The instrumentation on ‘Pink Magnolia’ really allows your vocals to shine. Can you elaborate on the creative process behind the sound of the EP and how you decided on this approach?

I always been in love with acoustic songs that you can find in a lot of Spanish and Portuguese music for example. Since it’s a huge part of my musical universe, it needed to be the main thing on my EP.

I play the guitar so I wrote most of the songs with it and then went to few of my friends to help me shape the songs even more. I got inspired by the music I was listening to as a kid, from Bossa Nova to Soul!

When it comes to Colors though, it came from me and my friends jamming in LA in the afternoon.

You’ve received high praises from both the press and fellow artists like Masego, PJ Morton, and Lizzie McAlpine. How does this recognition impact your artistic confidence and your future projects?

It meant a lot to be honest! I always am shocked and don’t always understand. I’m just grateful they were able to resonate with a part of me, as much as I do!

Finally, can you give us a sneak peek into your plans for the future? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations in the works that your fans can look forward to?

I have so many songs that I’d love to put out in the world I guess! So hopefully some of them will come out in the upcoming year.

Been writing and learning about more concepts that I’d love to share and reflect on.

You mentioned that ‘Élodie’ is an ode to the beauty of life and the importance of everything around us. How do the visuals in the video reflect this message, and why did you decide to capture the video on an old film camera?

 The video just shows random moments with some loved ones in Paris, yet the simplicity it has also illustrates how beautiful my life is with them in it!

I’ve always been a fan of vintage cameras and videos and wanted to make it a part of my art direction. I also thought a film camera would bring this « memory » aesthetic that the song brings in me.

Why did you choose to include people in this video who are special to you in real-life? How does this reflect the message of the song?

 I thought it’d be cool to make a video that feels like a family gathering, like the ones I was always attending with this type of music. These are some of the people who make me see so much beauty in life, so I wanted everyone to also feel it.

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