Arnie Wrong | 5 Minutes With

Noctis had the chance to catch up with newcomer and name you are about to hear everywhere, Arnie Wrong to talk about her new single and putting out music during a worldwide pandemic.

Her new self produced single is out now on Bad Life paying homage to the underground club sound that helped her find a sense of belonging. The pounding four-to-the-floor kicks, layered with a flurry of syncopated percussion and engulfed in warm lo-fi synths evoke the dreamy memories of a night out, on the way home in the early hours.
Arnie’s sincere vocal tells a story of a codependent relationship, bringing forth feelings of disenchantment.”You made yourself so hard to love, took what you could and not gave back” she exclaims with frustration.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I’m Arnie Wrong and super excited to be chatting to you! I’m a music producer, DJ and vocalist. You’d normally find me in London UK, but I’m currently back home in Sweden, hiding from the general chaos.

Your debut single is out now. How does it feel to be putting out music right now? 

Yesss, it’s out now on all platforms and I’m so psyched! Releasing music right now is definitely interesting… I would have hoped to be able to play live gigs and DJ sets and watch how the audience reacts to the tracks I play. I really enjoy bonding with people and building a little community when I perform, which hasn’t been possible. But on the other hand – I find that the online audience is a lot more engaged nowadays and pays more attention, perhaps because online is all we got right now, and the current situation taught us not to take things for granted.

We heard you have an upcoming video shoot in lockdown. How do you feel the pandemic has effected you and your outlook on the industry and life?

That’s right! Actually the shoot has already happened, and I cannot wait for you to see what we created. There’s no two ways about it – the pandemic has been devastating for everyone on some level. I’d be lying if I said I’ve been having a great time in the past six months as someone who makes a living as a DJ, but I always try to look at the positives. I feel like since I moved to London I’ve been running like a headless chicken, hustling, trying to make ends meet, working 7 days a week, trying to have a social life, trying to create, and I haven’t really checked in with myself properly in years. So the past few months have been quite profound in terms of self-discovery, looking at my life and my behaviour patterns from a perspective, and re-evaluating who I want to be moving forward. It’s so deep I know! I’m a really serious person, can’t help it… In terms of the industry – I think the current situation shows how important it is to have more than one revenue stream as an artist, but it also pushes us to think outside the box and try things we wouldn’t have normally tried – like making a music video at home, or long-distance collaborations. I think it’s a great opportunity to learn new things and expand your horizons. 

Your track is called Heavy On Me. Is there a story behind this? 

In this track I try to explain the feeling you get when you realise a romantic relationship is kind of one-sided. Perhaps it has been for a long time, but you were working too hard to even notice what’s going on. One day you wake up to the reality and kinda feel exploited and tired – and it’s a heavy feeling, when you realise you’ve been carrying the other person all along. Thank god not everyone experiences this in relationships, but I think those who do always appreciate when someone tries to put those feelings into words. Shout outs to all my co-dependents out there!

This track is being released on Bad life. How did you hook up with them?

Really glad to parter up with Bad Life for this release. I was checking out a few labels and Bad Life really stood out to me because of artists like Mai Kino and Petite Noir as well as a tonne of really cool underground electronic producers. I decided to send a demo, they liked it, and we really hit it off from the get go, so it’s totally a match made in heaven!  

What’s next for you? 

The music video for Heavy On Me is out very soon, which I honestly can’t wait to share. I had so much fun making it and I hope it brings a spark to everyone’s day. After that, 2 more singles coming out this year, followed by an EP in 2021. Those past few months have been really good for honing in my skills as a producer, as I’m still relatively new to the game, and I’m excited to share my growth with the world. 
7. This is a time when people really need a distraction from stress and anxiety. We need comfort, cheering up, sometimes a pep talk, so as an entertainer and creator you have a responsibility to add value to people’s lives. Don’t take that lightly. Know who you are, know who your tribe is, know what you want to say. And think outside the box in terms of opportunities as a music maker – try to find other revenue streams outside of the usual commercial release model. But also – stay with it and don’t give up, because the world really needs your art right now. And when we can finally come together and dance – it’s gonna be the best time in history for live music! 

See the video for Heavy on me below