Asha Imuno Drops New Single “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME”

Asha Imuno, the prodigious 22-year-old artist, producer, and songwriter hailing from Moreno Valley, California, is turning heads and making waves in the music scene with his unique blend of classic Hip-Hop and R&B influences infused with a fresh take on new-age Soul & Funk sounds.

Imuno’s musical prowess is a testament to his remarkable talent, weaving together nostalgic melodies with thought-provoking lyrics that delve into a wide spectrum of experiences faced by a young black creative from the Inland Empire. His unapologetic approach to tackling intimate subjects such as mental health, lust, incarceration, identity, family, and more is both daring and refreshing.

Today, Asha Imuno, based in LA, unleashes his latest creation, “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME”. This celebratory track not only reaffirms Imuno’s place in the hip-hop landscape but also highlights his relentless ambition. The song paints a vivid picture of a carefree summer night, brought to life by the sharp and textured co-production of Asha himself and Zach Ezzy. 

Adding to the mix is Atlanta native Rizz Capolotti, co-signed by heavyweights like Monte Booker and Metro Boomin. Their collaboration ignites an unstoppable groove that keeps you locked in as Asha and Rizz trade verses, narrating different facets of a memorable night out.

In Asha’s own words, “This single captures me feeling confident and ready to pop out and celebrate. It’s about the feeling you get after seemingly getting to the other side of all the bullsht, and finally being able to feel yourself and flex on it all. We was just having fun with this one – people haven’t heard me talk my sht like this in a while, so I’m pretty geeked.”

The accompanying music video, directed by Angel Orozco, takes a cheeky twist on the song’s narrative, symbolizing Asha’s rise as the next-in-line for this generation. In the video, Asha takes on the roles of both a mechanic and an office worker, portraying an individual disillusioned by the mundane routine of everyday life. Towards the video’s climax, a transformation occurs, and Asha emerges as himself, delivering a captivating performance that mirrors the infectious energy and excitement of the new track.

“DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME” serves as the second single from Asha’s highly anticipated debut album, “Pins & Needles.” Preceded by the introspective hip-hop/R&B single “PUSHING BUTTONS,” which Asha describes as the album’s “inception point,” this album promises to be a masterpiece of introspection, exploring the impermanence of life. These contrasting tracks showcase Asha’s versatility, his ability to blend nostalgia with freshness, and his commitment to deep self-examination through his artistry.

It’s abundantly clear that Asha Imuno is on a trajectory that will see him evolve from fan favourite to commanding superstar in 2023, as he continues to explore his inner world through his art. “DID I CALL AT A BAD TIME” is just the beginning of what promises to be an unforgettable journey with this rising star.

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Words by Izabel Rose