AJA Lets It All Out With New Single ‘Karma is a B’

The first rule of behavioral physics is what goes around, comes around, a standing law of nature that you do not want to mess with unless you want to face the unfavorable power of karma. The uncompromising calling out of red flags is the foundation of Toronto newcomer AJA‘s new single ‘Karma is a B.’ 

Supported by her powerhouse vocals, AJA presents rigorous energy matching Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier THan Ever’ and Olivia Rodrigo’s new album ‘GUTS,’ singing: “It’s always, ‘I miss you’, but you never come in/ watch it all burn like your favortie sweater without looking in your eyes/ did you even feel bad, did you learn anything, you were my everything.”

AJA does not shy away from heart-stabbing lyricism; she treats songwriting as her own form of therapy, processing experiences and not leaving emotional fury out of the equation. ‘Karma is a B’ is an ultimate bop, confirming AJA’s steady growth over the years. 

‘Karma is a B’ has the IT factor of a future pop star, and AJA comes closer with each release to an arena-worthy act. Her talent and potential have been recognized as she was named the iHeartRadio Future Star for her smash single ‘Red Button.’ 

As of now, AJA is on the road on a huge support tour around North America with the incredible Leah Kate, bound to turn heads and win everyone’s hearts over. 

‘Karma is a B’ is out now. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova