BAYLI x ILoveMakonnen ‘SICK!’ | Video Premiere

Welcome to sultriness central. Tieing up June’s Black Music Month and Pride Month, Brooklyn’s very own BAYLI collaborated with Atlanta-bred rapper and songwriter ILoveMakonnen on ‘SICK!’, with a new music video out today. 

The lyrically inspired visuals for ‘SICK!’ see sultry BAYLI bring the sexiness of the track to life. With a girl-on-girl strip scene, they shine awareness on both Black Music Month and Pride Month. 

BAYLI’s been featured in Tiffany & Co.’s 2021 Pide Month Campaign “Stand For Love.” With ILoveMakonnen being an outspoken queer advocate, forging a space for hip-hop/rap artists to live their truth. 

Back in 2016, BAYLI first debuted as part of her band, The Skins and embarked on a massive tour with DNCE. However, since then, BAYLI has pursued her solo career, with a mixtape in 2018 and following up with 2020 releases ‘boys lie’ and ‘sushi for breakfast’ with a highly anticipated debut EP coming out in August. 

What inspired the music video?

The lyrics really inspired the creative direction for this video. We wanted the video to feel as sexy as the track, so we thought it’d be fun to do a girl-on-girl strip scene. 

What was the process of filming it like?

My team and I are super DIY, so the video shoot was very quick and dirty! It was a small and closed set for respect for our beautiful artist and dancer (SLM) who came last minute to film. It always feels amazing to just get to work with your friends. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova