BEARNIE ‘Done’ | Premiere

Today is the day. After years of studying audio production and acoustic engineering, BEARNIE premiers her debut release, ‘Done,’ the first taste of her forthcoming EP ‘Vanilla Pie’ that is due this summer.

BEARNIE is a rising Indonesian-Italian singer/songwriter, producer, and sound engineer drawing on influences from Soul, RnB, and Pop. ‘Done‘ is a moving commentary on self-reflection accompanied by BEARNIE’s emotive vocal delivery.

Overwhelmed by negativity, BEARNIE draws a line on what she can handle with her new single: “‘Done’ has been written due to conflicting mental states. It’s a war between heart and mind. The song was written from a corrupted mindset that could only see negativity in the situation. Anger and disappointment were all I could feel. I only saw myself in the situation and thought with selfishness. ‘You stabbed my heart as if you didn’t know me, you treat my feelings like a joke and can’t seem to minimally will to even care or understand what you did.’ was all I saw at that point. I’m Done and can’t mentally handle the situation. The poison and negativity of my mind blinded me. I couldn’t start again, so I didn’t start again”, she explains.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova