Behind The Music: Lunar June

In celebration of her new EP, ‘an ode to the girl i once was,’ electro-pop artist Lunar June puts together an exclusive mix of songs that shaped her, her sound, and this defining project, which can only be described as personal yet brilliant and fun.

Lunar June, the talented artist behind the five-track self-learning curve, feels confident more than ever, certain of her writing and production choices. ‘an ode to the girl i once was’ carries her through challenging times, having exited the chapter with a greater understanding of who she is.

On April 11th, you can catch Lunar June’s first headline performance at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London.

Learn more about Lunar June, her fascination with space, her evolution since the debut EP ‘jaded/ faded,’ and the impact of Lorde, Bon Iver, and Maggie Rogers in our chat.

What is the backstory of your stage name?

I used to go by ‘la lune’, but changed my name when I rebranded in 2020. I wanted to keep the moon theme from my original name because I’ve been obsessed with space since I was a kid, but wanted to go in a different direction in keeping with the rebrand, so I opted for Lunar, and I was born in June (Geminis forever!).

How did you get into music in the first place?

I grew up learning and performing classical instruments and music from the age of about 5, playing in orchestras and jazz bands. When I was 14 I then taught myself guitar and started to learn covers of my favourite artists, and really got into music; it was my whole identity. I was constantly listening to, playing, or writing music. My best friend’s Dad made us fake IDs just so we could get into gigs – we didn’t even drink! I have always just loved music.

After the release of your debut EP ‘jaded/faded,’ what have you been listening to that has really moved you emotionally or sparked your inner-creative?

I’ve actually listened to a lot of Taylor Swift since the release of that EP last year. I’d listened to her in dribs and drabs throughout my teens, but I really got into Midnights when it came out at the end of 2022, and that sparked a new-found appreciation for her music for sure. I went back and listened through a lot of her discography, and of course the new Taylor’s Version releases, and have just been in complete admiration of her top tier artistry and autonomy when it comes to her career. I also had Olivia Rodrigo’s new album on repeat, and Maisie Peters. I just love good pop!

Your latest EP is titled ‘An Ode To The Girl I Once Was,’ what are the biggest takeaways about yourself you picked up along the way of the recording process?

Honestly, a lot! The creation of this EP spanned over some very significant events and changes in my personal life, and for a lot of the recording process I was in a pretty bad place. Every time I came back to these songs, it was as though they had a new meaning and were speaking to how I felt in that moment, despite having maybe written the track several months prior. Reflecting back now, I can see how the creation of this EP really carried me through those challenging times, and how much I have grown since its conception. I feel like I am more myself than I have ever been. I think I’m finally not running from myself in the way I was when I wrote those 5 songs, which feels really good. Learning to be whole just as I am, and loving myself before anyone else.

Could you give us an insight into the evolution from ‘jaded/faded’ to ‘an ode to the girl i once was’?

‘jaded/faded’ was very much a process of figuring out my new sonic identity under the new name. I was really into dance at the time of writing that EP, which I think definitely comes across, but listening back it feels like I was just testing the waters and dipping my toes in. However, ‘an ode to the girl i once was’ feels like the most authentic music I have ever created, and when I listen back, I feel like I know myself more. The writing and the production choices all feel a little more certain and purposeful; it feels like I’d really grown into myself by this point and maybe had a greater understanding of who I wanted to be as an artist, songwriter, and producer.

You put together a mix of your influences exclusively for Noctis. Could you pick the top 3 artists that left a significant mark on your craft?

It was so hard to pick just 10 songs, but Lorde made it in there twice because she has truly had the single biggest impact on my music out of any artist. Her debut album soundtracked my summers in my teens, and her second album, Melodrama, literally changed my songwriting and production forever! Bon Iver and Maggie Rogers have also left a really significant impact on the music I make, and I am constantly inspired by their writing and production choices.

Looking ahead in your career, what makes you the most excited at the moment?

I’m feeling very excited about just being in the studio more, and writing and producing more music. My happy place is definitely in the studio, and I just want to release as much music as possible. I’d also really love to go on tour and perform all of these songs around the world… Hopefully one day!

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Words: Karolina Kramplova