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“How would you describe yourself?”

“The perfect playlist on a Sunday afternoon,” BOSCO confidently replies. Not your ordinary answer, describing a person, but an expected original answer from an artist; calm, southing, warm, cozy, moving, and heartfelt. 

BOSCO is currently based in Los Angeles, but the multidisciplinary singer/songwriter shares how her hometown of Atlanta affected her music. She uncovers the story behind her project ‘b.’ and inspiration of her new body of work titled ‘Some Day This Will All Make Sense,’ a mindset she lives by day-today. 

Her musical journey started at a very young age with singing in church, and now aware of her talent, BOSCO wants to give back. “I’ve always said music is something that chose me, so I have to share my gifts with the world. From there, I entered local talent shows and joined the school chorus, where I developed my performing skills”, she explains. 

When it came to choosing a stage name, it was a no brainer: “Bosco is my last name, which is Sicilian. My dad is part Italian, so I used that name because, in my family, they call me and my siblings Bosco”, she breaks it down for us. 

BOSCO has long been “crucial to the musical arc of Atlanta and the evolution of black music,” but the influence worked both ways. “Atlanta was a great place to develop and hone in on my talent. It’s so much diversity which lends to such a strong community of artist and musicians. I wouldn’t be the artist I am today if it wasn’t for Atlanta shaping how I approach music and art”, BOSCO says. 

“I have to live life to have something to write about,” BOSCO states, “I never force songs. I’m not the type of artist who’s just at the studio if I’m not inspired. The music has to move me”. However, what inspires her the most is ‘personal experiences, traveling, pain, setbacks, love, the unknown, and adventures.’ 

In 2017, BOSCO released her debut EP ‘b.’ that acted as a collection of diary-like tracks tackling her coming of age with direct lyrics, rhythmic alchemy, and experimental production. 

While using music as her way of expression, we asked BOSCO where is the limit in terms of sharing personal details of your life. She responds: “It really depends on how I’m feeling. My music is a place where I heal, which is the best way I know how to communicate with my inner spirit and the world around me. If you listen to my music, you can hear little snapshots of my life in there, but I try to leave it to interpretation for the listener. B project was something I needed to do for myself to move on from certain situations in my life I was holding onto. It was important that I freed myself so I could have a new perspective on life”.

Three years later, BOSCO returns with a new project, “Some Day This Will All Make Sense,” with a different attitude. It seems like she pressed pause and looked back and appeared in a more stable place in her life. BOSCO contemplates in her own words:

“This project is more about self-realization, accountability, facing hard truths, and acceptance of things. B was more melancholy from a sense of heartbreak, but this new body of work comes from a more confident and assured place. I talk about the ups and downs being an artist and things you miss out on; I touch on the importance of having your friends and family around on the claim to success, feelings of being depleted when the world is closing in on you. But I don’t want to give away all the deets I’d like to let the listener have their own opinions”. 

In this very chaotic time we’re living in at the moment, BOSCO gives a handy approach that also inspired the title ‘Some Day This Will All Make Sense”. She elaborates on this ethos: “As people, we always are trying to figure things out and how we are all connected, but if we take a step back and realize that all the steps, failures, heartbreaks, successes and wins all make up the journey of your life. We have to trust the process that, in the end, everything will make sense”. 

Before the release of the EP, BOSCO gave her fans a sneak peek of the new material in the form of a single ‘Piano Song’ with a visual. BOSCO also announced all track will land an accompanying video. She shares her reasoning: “I love aesthetically driven movie trailers and wanted to take the same approach with the visuals. Creating a world in such a short amount of time but leaving you wanting to see more or get your hands on that product/thing is the embodiment of a great commercial”. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova