Cassia Share Joyous and Eccentric New Music Video for ‘Find My Way Around’

Indie-pop outfit Cassia have just returned with their latest single, ‘Find My Way Around,’ offering a vibrant musical journey filled with optimism. Known for their distinctive sound characterized by bouncing guitar basslines, infectious riffs, and uplifting choruses, this track stays true to Cassia’s joyful sonic signature. ‘Find My Way Around’ reflects Cassia’s willingness to embrace change and navigate the unknown and its explorative verses seamlessly merging with harmonious choruses, leaving us with a sense of reassurance that Cassia will always find their way around life’s twists and turns, and perhaps, we can too.

The video for ’Find My Way Around’ is especially compelling- as we see the three Cassia members caught up in a storyline that ultimately sees them break away from their mundane routines- a key message of the song. Frontman Rob embodies an explorer-like character, on a mission to pull his bandmates out of their repetitive daily rhythms- an office job and a computer addiction. Shot on 16mm film in the idyllic seaside town of Tenby, Wales, the video’s shots wouldn’t be out of place in a Wes Anderson film, whilst still showing us that Cassia don’t take themselves too seriously and that humour and self-awareness is integral to their artistic DNA.

Rob shares further insight into the inspiration behind ‘Find My Way Around,’ emphasizing its universal relevance. He states, “It’s a reminder of the fluid nature of existence, whether it’s redefining my identity or navigating relationships. I think this resonates universally, as most people probably encounter these moments at least a couple of times in their life. It’s a very poignant message for me, and I’m really proud of it.

Following a successful UK tour with Circa Waves, support dates for Bastille, and headlining Kendall Calling’s ‘Calling Out’ stage, Cassia’s summer has been nothing short of spectacular. Their previous singles, ‘High Tones’ and ‘whatstheuse,’ have gone down a treat with fans and tastemakers alike and the band are set to deliver plenty more of their off-beat, uplifting sound over the coming months.

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