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From featuring on smash hits such as Kygo’s ‘To Die For’ to Seeb’s ‘Colourblind’, St. Lundi has made a remarkable impression on the music scene with his comforting blend of indie-pop-folk music. Racking up a substantial 50+ million in streams collectively, St. Lundi continued on an upward trajectory, branching out with solo releases on breakthrough track ‘Nights Like This’ and follow up ‘Ready To Be Loved’ garnering a staggering 60+ million streams so far. Well in his stride, St. Lundi now returns with touching new single ‘Fall,’ which is dedicated to his brother and holds a big sentimental value felt throughout his lyrics. Impressive isn’t enough to compliment his phenomenal success to date, and to celebrate we take some time with the artist to speak about his biggest accomplishments, personal life and all things music.

Hi, thanks for speaking with us. So firstly, what would you say introduced you to the music world and made you want to pursue it as a career?

Hey! Thank you for having me 🙂 So I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember, although I didn’t really start singing and writing songs till 18, I had been teaching myself to play guitar since 12. I think one of my earliest memories of loving music was hearing a Frank Sinatra album when I was a child. It became my favourite thing to listen to on every trip to school and created an obsession with music that is still with me today.

You’ve mentioned that you have written your new single ‘Fall’ about your brother, can you go a bit into detail to how that started, what made you write this song?

My brother was going through a tough time when I started writing ‘Fall’. I was down in Exeter writing with my friends ‘Tors’ and was speaking to them about my brother’s struggles and wanting to write something for him. When I then sat at the piano, in minutes we were all singing the chorus!! It then took us another 2 years to get the verses right for the song but we all knew how special it would be once we did. The song means so much to me which is always what I’m looking for when writing.

You’ve worked with some amazing songwriters, like Ollie Green, Matt James and so much more. What was it like collaborating with them, and are there any others you’d love to add to the list?

Yes! I’ve been super lucky to work with so many amazing people and to learn from them all. It’s so funny because the process of writing a song can change over and over again but you end up with the same product and even a song that sounds coherent to another written in a completely different way. But we all usually focus on finding what the song will be about and then creating melodies until something feels great! It is my biggest dream to one day work with Chris Martin!

 You’ve shared the stage with some incredible names, and even played a few cool festivals, what other festivals are on your bucket list?

There are soooo many amazing festivals out there I would love to play, so I could be here all day listing them 🙂 But to name a couple… Glastonbury! That’s a big one. Another would be Main Stage at my Hometown festival, Victorious Festival!

How does it feel to have your voice featured in so many big hits that have gone viral around the globe, from Kygo to Seeb?

It was sooo amazing working with Kygo and Seeb! That was back in 2020 which was when I first put out any music of my own so it was quite surreal to be working with such huge artists. It’s been so magical touring around Europe and meeting people that started following my journey because of those songs.

Can we look forward to an EP or album soon? Can you share more information with us?

Yes! I am currently working on an exciting multi-track project that will be released next year and it is something I am becoming really proud of and super excited to show everyone. I can’t really say anymore than that right now but hopefully I will one day soon 🙂

What excites you more, playing on stage or writing and producing the music?

Ohh that’s so tricky! Someone asked me this before and I’m almost certain I dodged the question haha!! The truth is I don’t think I could go without one or the other. It’s a different feeling walking off stage from an amazing show to writing something that feels magical. I love both of them equally.

Lastly, what would you say is your greatest accomplishment so far?

I would say one of the things I feel most proud of is my song ‘Nights Like This’. I wrote it about my first date with my girlfriend Josefine, so it always felt special to me. It’s now gone on to be streamed around 60 million times I think! And everywhere I play I hear people singing it back to me or telling me it’s their first dance song at their wedding which is so crazy! When I was writing ‘Nights Like This’ I was just trying to make something that I was connected with and meant something to me but never did I expect that to happen for so many others.

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Words: Rojan Said