Chel | 5 Minutes With

North London R&B songstress Chel returns with her latest single, ‘Still Working’, following the success of ‘Sweet Spot’. Since her debut EP, ‘Reclaiming My Love’, she’s captivated audiences on the live scene and collaborated with esteemed artists, earning recognition from notably tastemakers and turning heads. With ‘Still Working’, Chel continues to enchant listeners with her musical prowess and storytelling, leaving them eager for more.

This soulful track features Chel’s signature velvety vocals layered over warm piano melodies and bouncy drums. Adding depth to the song is a heartfelt feature from Zeeno, intertwining seamlessly with Chel’s vocals for a laid-back romantic vibe. Reflecting on personal experiences, Chel shares introspective lyrics about relationship complexities, offering listeners a glimpse into her vulnerability. We caught up with her to find out more..

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest track, ‘Still Working’?

I’m usually the sensible person in a relationship, that has it all figured out, and has a plan. I just wanted to experience what it’s like on the other side. When you’re the one that hasn’t got a clue, and needs guidance and hurts the other person. I guess it was also a way for me to say all the things I’ve wanted to hear from the love interests that have hurt me in the past. It’s so typical to hear heart break songs where the woman is the victim. I wanted to be the antagoniser this time!

How would you describe the sound and vibe of ‘Still Working’ compared to your previous releases?

I’m really leaning into my Afro R&B era, this is a development and evolution from the sounds of my songs in my Love.Obsession.Lust EP. I was experimenting with that EP. “Still working” is more grounded and cemented in the Afro R&B lane. You can hear it in the beat and the feature artist I’ve worked with.

What was the creative process like when working on ‘Still Working’, especially in terms of collaborating with Zeeno?

It was great! He has a great work ethic. He actually approached me and said he liked my music and wanted to work. When I wrote this song, I just knew it would be the perfect fit. I sent him the song and within about 5 days he had his verse ready! 

Collaborations have been a significant part of your musical journey. How do you choose the artists you collaborate with, and what do these collaborations bring to your music?

Honestly, we have to vibe, and be easy to work with. That’s the first part, then secondly you have to be active and want to release music. I’m an independent artist so it’s important I keep the momentum going. Once I see that you’re fun to be around, easy going and you’re constantly making music, serious about your craft, that’s usually the deciding factor. Of course I have to like your music and sound too!

Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you in terms of future projects or releases?

Some sultry and sensual vibes. I’m making music for the grown and beautiful people out there! People who aren’t afraid to own all of their emotions and actions. I really hope everyone enjoys the songs as much as I enjoy making them!

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