Chel Delivers the Irresistible ‘Sweet Spot’

Chel‘s latest single, ‘Sweet Spot,’ is a vibrant expression of audacity, confidence, and flirtatious charm, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Building upon the foundation of her previous EP, ‘Love.Obsession.Lust,’ Chel seamlessly infuses elements of Afropop into ‘Sweet Spot,’ infusing it with infectious rhythms and a magnetic energy. The track’s heartbeat is powered by punchy kick drums and rhythmic percussion, enveloping listeners in its irresistible groove. Layered on top are alluring guitar melodies, sparkling keys, and a warm, resonant bassline, with Chel’s vocal performance, marked by glamorous harmonies and a self-assured lead, taking center stage against this spacious musical backdrop.

Chel shares her inspiration for ‘Sweet Spot,’ stating, “I wanted to convey my authentic approach to love and connection. I’m intentional, genuine, and I revel in the moment. In a world where pretense often reigns, I value honesty.” Her authenticity shines through in every note of ‘Sweet Spot,’ making it a heartfelt expression of emotion.

British indie singer/songwriter Chel draws inspiration from artists like Jojo, Kehlani, and Tinashe, creating music that combines R&B and Pop with compelling lyrics and powerful vocals.

Chel’s musical journey began in a North London suburb, where her passion led her to a performing arts school. She began performing at open mics in 2017 and released her debut EP, ‘Reclaiming My Love,’ in 2018, and collaborations with artists like C Cane and Joey K soon followed.

Chel is a versatile creator and has showcased her video production skills in visually stunning music videos. With the release of ‘NOLAH’ and ‘Love.Obsession.Lust’ in 2021, she firmly established herself in the music industry. ‘Sweet Spot’ is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for this remarkable artist.

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