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Join us as we step into the creative world of Avi Sic while she unveils the secrets behind her latest release, ‘Relax.’ In an exclusive interview with the talented DJ and music producer, we explore the depths of ‘Relax’ and take an enlightening journey into the intricate art of music production and her approach to it. Her unique insights and dedication to her craft shed light on the creative process behind this energetic track. As we eagerly anticipate her future releases and collaborations, we’re reminded that Avi Sic’s talent knows no bounds. Read on below to discover the artistry, skills and innovation that lie behind Avi Sic’s signature sound. 

Hello Avi Sic! Congratulations on the release of ‘Relax’. How are you?

Thanks! I’m doing well. 

Are there any specific themes or inspirations that influenced the track?  

I set out to create a song with opposition. Like when you’re doing yoga but can’t actually get into it. The idea is centered around the times when you are trying to relax, but life keeps throwing chaos at you.

Can you tell us about the process behind producing the track? How did you start and how did you build on the elements to create the soundscape?

I built the instrumental first and did the vocal work last. I really went through the song with a fine tooth comb, and cut out everything that didn’t allow the vocal to shine though in the end. 

The track features a thumping beat and groovy bassline, can you walk us through the process of creating such powerful low ends? Have you developed any specific techniques that you like to use? 

I’m always discovering new workflows and new ways of manipulating sounds. I watch a lot of tutorials and I like to try to recreate lessons. As far as the low end on this – just got really specific with EQing. Then, adding lots of space to the drums. Reverb and sidechain to create the slight bouncing effect. I wanted the first part of the drop to feel like you’re in an infinite space. 

The vocals have a really cool vibe to them. How did you come about landing on this particular vocal theme? Any unique sampling methods used for stretching the vocal in this manner?

I searched high and low to find the perfect vocal to fit. This meditation vibe was it. As the song progresses, the vocals go from chill to tense and then just plain trippy. A lot of warping involved and some pitch play involved, as well. 

The drop is very complex in nature, with lots of interesting one shots/fill elements. Can you describe how you go about constructing these interesting elements? 

I created the main groove first, the drums and the bass and the sub. The second part of the drop I wanted to just go mad – so I chose a lot of aggressive and uneasy sounds. Metal and scraping sounds for example.

This track features several epic synth leads/horns. How do you create these and what is your signature method in this process? 

I made the majority of these in Serum using the wavetables and some of the other leads in Omnisphere. I play around a lot with gating to make each individual sound more interesting.

The second build fluttering synth effect, how do you create such ramping down effects? 

I used the arpeggiator for that. But don’t sync it – you will get way cooler patterns that way. 

What elements of the track do you feel best represents your signature sound and style as an artist?

Probably the electro synths and all the bass stabs and fills. Those are my favorite things to work with.

Can you recall any particularly memorable moments that happened whilst you were in the studio producing the track?

I spilled my coffee on my desk, so that was fun. 

Which part of the production process do you look forward to the most?

The writing process is my favorite. Creating grooves. Then dialing it all in, mixing and creating depth. Playing with FX comes in a close second. 

Did you find the track was easy to produce or did you find yourself coming up against challenges that you had to work to overcome?

This one came pretty naturally. The biggest challenge for me was being okay with the hard opposites. For example, the first part of the drop is borderline Melodic Techno. I had to fight the urge to add more sounds to that part and just keep it simple. Let it breathe. 

What can fans expect to hear next from you? Do you have any exciting collaborations or live shows coming up soon?

Yes, all of that. I have new music set to be released at the beginning of every month into the new year. Also a bunch of collabs in the works, a really cool one with Costel Van Dein, another with Versus, and a third track in the works with my guy Valy Mo. Playing support for MAKJ this weekend and I’ll be at INVY Nightclub in Indianapolis again in October. Looking forward to that!

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