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LA based singer-songwriter, Chlo Subia returns with ‘Without Mercy’, an upbeat single that offers an insight into the artist’s unforgiving approach. The track comes hot off the heels of ‘Comeback’ and continues her momentum throughout 2023, with her eyes set on releasing her debut album later in the year. ‘Without Mercy’ tells the tale of an emotionally one sided relationship and the power of knowing your self worth. Deeply introspective, Subia offers a genuine insight into knowing when enough is enough and when you’re better off alone.  

Honing an ability to effortlessly weave captivating tales which encompass life’s diverse experiences – from love and heartbreak to personal growth and the intricacies in between, the artist has amassed a reputation for writing relatable songs. It’s a trait that’s been with Subia from the start. Songwriting was often a therapeutic experience that allowed the artist to delve deep and understand exactly how she was feeling. Committed to refining the craft, she embarked on a nationwide tour which focussed on her skills in writing and recording before she was 18. Now with an unwavering commitment to her artistic expression, she’s authentic and transparent with her listeners on every track 

2023 looks set to be a monumental year for Subia with numerous projects on the horizon. Noctis spoke to the artist about what’s to come, the personal story behind ‘Without Mercy’, and the importance of connecting with listeners. You can read the conversation below.

Hey Chlo! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You started songwriting at the remarkably young age of 15, what inspired you to turn your emotions into music?

To be honest, music has always made so much sense to me. When I was initially introduced to songwriting, I quickly learned that I was able to share my thoughts and feelings through music. I was very closed off at the time, so music has been that outlet of vulnerability for me. When the records connected to people that were going through the same experiences; relationships, friendships, growing up, insecurities, hurts and happiness – It felt so second nature to express myself this way. I found my comfort. It will always be my first love

Even before you were 18 you embarked on a nationwide tour to refine your skills in writing and recording. How important do you think this experience was in your artistic development?

Touring was, and still is one of the absolute best experiences I’ve had as an artist. Connecting with an audience made up of strangers, hearing my stories and gaining from the vulnerability that an artist exposes, is a total trip. I focused on the energy of a tour so young. Balancing the day to day schedule, travel, pre show, dancers, live musicians and idea of performing as a whole. Post show we would tear down and I would get back to the bus to take a Science final. It’s a humbling reality that I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to have done. Need to get back out there – It’s a present goal in the works.  

In 2021 and 2022 you released ‘Comeback’ and ‘Starsign’, two of your most popular singles that have reached almost 400k streams between them. How did you feel seeing your music clearly gain in popularity?

It’s interesting because both of those songs are probably the most honest records I’ve put out to date. It’s pretty comforting to know listeners are identifying with that confusion and pain that a breakup brings. I’m hoping that the popularity of the songs means they are helping heal hearts and most importantly making people know they are not alone in their grief. That’s a huge blessing.

You’re about to release ‘Without Mercy’, a real upbeat, pop anthem. What was the inspiration behind the release?

WITHOUT MERCY is all about being with a passive partner that just keeps falling short in a relationship. I remember so specifically being in a heated conversation, sharing how I was feeling, hoping to break a barrier and go deeper in our connection – laying it out and wanting that passion necessary in a relationship! The response was no response at all – dead silence and a blank stare. It was kinda crazy to see that lack of response was basically saying, I heard your needs aren’t getting met but I’m not going to do a thing about it.  Without Mercy was definitely written out of absolute frustration. 

It’s yet another release that showcases your ability to capture the essence of raw emotions and translate them into memorable melodies. What’s the key component behind making music so relatable?

I appreciate this question so much. Honestly, I’m still trying to figure that out! I always always go into a session knowing that every song is an opportunity to work through thoughts and feelings running through my mind. I guess by not holding back on that transparency, I’m able to connect. Making music heals me and I pray it helps heal others when they’re down, too.

You wrote ‘Without Mercy’ alongside Ash Leone about a failing relationship. What message are you hoping to transmit to listeners who find themselves in a similar situation? 

Listen to your intuition. It’s cool to fight for love but not when you’re not being prioritised, respected or communicated with in the same way. I’m getting better with Red Flags. I hope that whoever listens to the record understands that loving yourself and knowing you’re deserving of equal time and energy in your relationship is the truth. If you’re having to beg or scream for it, then run because that’s not your peace.

What else can we expect from you throughout 2023?

SO MUCH! My full-length project (that I’ve been working on for over two years now) titled BOYS KILL BUTTERFLIES will be coming out!  I’m so ready for this story to be shared. It is a 15 song album that follows my past relationship’s start to finish (to starting again). It’s a whole metamorphosis that I’m so proud of! 

I’m hoping to get some touring in to promote the album and to keep on writing and getting into the studio as often as I can. Main thing that keeps me sane! Blessed to call this my life.

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Words: Jake Wright