Unravelling Neek Bucks

On a meteoric rise through the world of Hip-Hop and R&B, Harlem’s very own visionary, Neek Bucks, has captivated audiences with his powerful lyricism, infectious beats, and unwavering commitment to the craft. But there’s more to this gifted artist than meets the ear. In an exclusive interview with the artist, following an incredible shoot by NY photographer Sean Perry, we delve into Neek Bucks’ extraordinary music career, latest album ‘Blessed To The Max‘ exploring his deepest inspirations, and personal experiences that resonate deeply with his fans.

Throughout our conversation, we find ourselves invigorated by the passion and authenticity he brings to the music industry. Through his journey, he has demonstrated that music has the power to heal, inspire, and uplift those facing life’s challenges.  As he seamlessly combines his music career with the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood, Neek Bucks stands as an example of the importance of pursuing one’s dreams while remaining grounded in love and family. We eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his journey.

Your album ‘Blessed To The Max’ received high acclaim upon its release in February of this year. Now, with the upcoming deluxe version set to be released in early June, what can fans expect from this new and improved edition?

You can expect more of me being me. I got Fab and Joey Badass as an addition to the deluxe too. It’s just a reformed extension of blessed to the max really. We recorded so much music whilst writing the album and what can I say, I just had more to give y’all.

The album sees an array of highly credited featuring artists and producers involved. Who was the most influential to you when working on the album and have you got any story you can share of when you were writing with them and the process?

Awe man, everyone was influential. I had some amazing moments throughout the whole process. From being in the studio with Ceelo and honestly just hitmaka throughout the whole process, there are too many to name. If I had to say only one person though I would have to say Wiz. Wiz and I actually became good friends and it was love from day one with him. He’s just overall a dope person and fully at peace.

Throughout the making of the album you travelled around to multiple cities across America to work on different tracks, why was this something important for you when working on the album and how did that change the way you typically write music?

Travelling is inspiring, it gives me mad inspiration when I’m not in the hood. I think more creatively when I’m not around all the negative.

The album is predominantly produced by the powerhouse producer ‘Hitmaka’. How did you two link up and why did you feel he was the right person to be involved in the project?

Basically ‘Hit’ and I both have the same manager Billy J and he connected us in the first place. We hit it off and the rest was easy from there, now we’re family. The rest is history.

Your music takes an honest and direct approach, delving into your past and the environment you grew up in. How has your upbringing influenced the music you create now, and why do you feel it’s important to incorporate those experiences into your music?

My music is me, nothing is fabricated. It’s my feelings and stories about what’s going on in my life or in my hood. I just want people to feel me and connect. I want my music to heal and help people going through real Shit.

Speaking of your past, having had an incredibly traumatic experience at the age of 17 getting caught in a crossfire shooting in Brighton-beach, how do you reflect on that moment now in retrospect of all the success you’re currently having?

It was past and I don’t really talk much about it, but one thing I do know is “ I’m here for a Reason” and that’s why ‘H4’ is the name of the label. I’m blessed to the max and I’m gonna keep pushing to be an inspiration to people.

You’ve mentioned that your parents, particularly your father, played a significant role in exposing you to music from a young age. As a father yourself, how important is it for you to pass down this passion for music to your own children?

I’m always playing music for my daughter, she loves music too. She’s a star. She sings and dances all the time to the music I play for her. She also tells me if she likes or doesn’t like something. I think music connects people as it does with me and my daughter.

Looking to the future, what does the world look like for Neek Bucks, what energy do you want to put out to the world and what future projects do you have in the pipeline?

Man, success. Keep getting better every day and with each project. Growth in myself and being a great dad. I wanna put positive energy out there, I wanna give people my story that if I can make it out, so can you. I got the deluxe coming and another project in the fall. So be on the lookout for both of those as well.

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Photographer/Creative Director: Sean Perry
Compositing/CG: Paracosm
Stylist: J.Alexander Cartagena
Style Assistants: Heart Roberts, Justin Vazquez, Ivana Noble
Set Assistant: Nia Ceri
Lighting Designer: Kivon Reed
Makeup: Shyanna Lundi
Hair: Tiffany Mack
Words: Jamie Hicks

Cover Image Look: Jacket: @nuevayork.biz // Bottoms: @balenciaga // Footwear: @newrock