Claudia Fenoglio Releases Emotionally-Charged Single ‘Alaska’

Claudia Fenoglio returns with her latest single, ‘Alaska,’ an emotionally charged track featuring a fusion of playful drums, understated guitar lines, and warm keys. With her soft vocals and well-penned lyrics, Claudia creates a captivating experience that leaves listeners wanting more. ‘Alaska’ combines swirling melodies and dynamic textures, taking listeners on a heartfelt journey.

The song delves into the concept of risking everything for someone, only to be left disappointed. Claudia draws inspiration from the TV show Killing Eve, incorporating its narrative and imagery into the lyrics. By intertwining her own feelings with a fictional perspective, Claudia explores the complexities of relationships and the struggle to find happiness amidst uncertainty.

Hailing from Cheshire and currently residing in Leeds, Claudia Fenoglio’s music is influenced by acoustic sounds and artists like Taylor Swift, Julia Jacklin, and The Staves. Her introspective lyricism and unique sound have garnered a warm reception from fans and industry tastemakers alike.

Having released singles such as ‘19 Again‘ and ‘Like it Never Was,’ Claudia has received support from BBC Introducing, Launchpad Leeds, and Youth Music. Her live performances at renowned festivals, including Live at Leeds and Long Division, have showcased her intimate and heartfelt indie style.

With ‘Alaska’ leading the way, Claudia Fenoglio continues to captivate audiences with her emotionally enchanting music. Stay tuned for more from this talented singer-songwriter as she embarks on an exciting musical journey, captivating listeners with her relatable and heartfelt melodies.

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