Dating Enigmas With Indie Amoi

To find a soulmate, it’s quite impossible. To find someone who you get along with may happen from time to time. But what is more than guaranteed is the likelihood of endless back and forth, love games, and puzzling confusion. The current dating scene shows to be allergic to labels, commitments, and meeting people the old-fashioned way.

Giving her two cents, dancehall sensation Indie Amoi unravels the multi-layered phenomenon dating has become on her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Love Games.‘ Hailing from the heart of Croydon, South London, Amoi has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of what the capital has to offer.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Indie Amoi brings her country’s genuine energy over to the UK, uplifting, entertaining, and empowering via her vast talents. Her new EP ‘Love Games’ features production genius from multi-platinum-selling hitmaker JB Made It, known for his collaborations with the likes of Drake, Central Cee, and Headie One, and Maschinemantim (Nines, Youngs Teflon, Trillary Banks), TheorySound, DJ Natz B, and Q Theory, with a guest appearance from UK afro beats riser AdeJosh.

For the accompanying visuals, Amoi was inspired by her motherland, where she spent her Summer and filmed two music videos for ‘Situaionship‘ and ‘Talk.’ She also celebrated her EP release there surrounded by loved ones.

In our conversation, Indie Amoi opens up about playing games in the past due to trust issues, but now, she is maintaining a more mature mindset and approach. As the chat delves deeper and deeper, she also shares a few tips on how to win someone over and be confident: eye contact, positive body language, and more. And if you’re stuck in a situationship, Indie Amoi has got your back with how to get rid of the grey area with more precise boundaries and communication. Read our full interview below.

Congratulations on the release of your new EP ‘Love Games,’ what did you do to celebrate?

I celebrated my EP in Jamaica by having a chilled gathering with friends and family, and we even popped a few bottles of champagne. I couldn’t do a pre-release party because I was abroad, but I’ll be hosting one in October. Better late than never, right? Hahaha!

Could you tell us more about the recording process? Where did you record it, what was the mood like etc?

The recording process for my EP was a great experience. I recorded some tracks at Zimi Records in Jamaica and collaborated with JB Made It & Maschinemantim for others. The mood during the recording sessions was just perfect. Being abroad always brings a unique vibe, and it was inspiring. Whenever I felt a particular Riddim or musical groove, I would start writing instantly, and that organic creative flow contributed to the overall energy of the EP.

As a dancehall artist, could you recommend bars/clubs in London for dancehall fans?

Certainly! If you’re a dancehall fan in London, you might want to check out these bars and clubs known for hosting dancehall events:

  • The Jazz Cafe: This iconic venue in Camden often hosts dancehall and reggae nights with both local and international artists.
  • The Electric Brixton: This popular club in Brixton occasionally hosts dancehall and reggae events with renowned DJs and artists.
  • Cargo: Located in Shoreditch, Cargo is a multi-purpose venue that hosts various music genres, including dancehall. They often feature themed nights with dancehall and reggae music.
  • The Ritzy Picturehouse: In Brixton, this cinema occasionally transforms into a dancehall hotspot, hosting dancehall and reggae nights.
  • Pop Brixton: Pop Brixton is a trendy venue that sometimes hosts dancehall and reggae events in its open-air space.

If you’re a dancehall enthusiast, don’t miss out on London’s dancehall party scene; the energy is always litt!! Bashment Party, No Cap Ent, Patternboyz Ent consistently host some of the most exciting events in London!

Living in London, what do you miss the most about Jamaica?

It is the authenticity. Everything about Jamaica feels genuine. Being able to wake up in the morning and grab a fresh coconut from down the road is something I truly miss. And of course, the incredible Jamaican KFC is unforgettable. The nightclubs in Jamaica always have an amazing vibe, and the overall atmosphere in the country is just fantastic. I also miss the freedom of going to the river and beach whenever I want to – something I can’t do as easily in London. Hahaha, those are the things that make Jamaica special to me.

How did this journey begin for you? What were pivotal moments in your career that got you where you are today?

My musical journey began in 2019 when I crossed paths with Big Zeeks, Diggy Hustle, E Mak, and the rest of Shellington High Road. They recognised something in me that they hadn’t seen in a female artist in the UK in a long time. This connection led to numerous opportunities, including touring with them on shows like WSTRN, 51 State Festival, Boom Town Festival. Working with them truly opened doors for me.

Following this, I had the privilege of collaborating with renowned producers like Toddla T, Jimmy Napes and many others. Music has been a passion of mine from a young age, and while it’s not always an easy path, if you love it, why not pursue something you’re passionate about and chase your dreams? That’s what I’ve been doing, and it’s brought me to where I am today in my music career.

Do you enjoy playing games when getting to know someone?

In the past, I used to enjoy flirting and playing games when getting to know someone. I must admit, I would sometimes lead people on, making them believe there might be something more, even though I had no real intentions of seeing these people. Most definitely did it out of boredom. Given the attention I received from men, I often didn’t take their approaches seriously and would play games. However, I believe I’ve evolved and changed over time, and my approach to interactions with others has matured as well. I wouldn’t play with anyone’s feelings now though! I’m a very loving and caring individuals. I believe my previous way of thinking and behaving stemmed from a mindset where I often said, “man is wicked,” as I found it difficult to trust men back then.

What are some red flags you learned to stay away from? 

Men who are Geminis hahahahaha, men who wear blown jeans, dirty shoes, insecure men, men with anger issues, broke men, emotionally unavailable men, men who speak about having LOTS of money, PS married men please stay away from me! Controlling narcissistic men, and the list goes on. I could go on for days but let me not hahahaha

Listening to ‘Love Games,’ there is a prevailing emotion of confidence, what are some tips when trying to win someone over? 

Confidence in winning someone over involves being authentic, maintaining eye contact, active listening, positive body language, clear speech, sincere compliments, decisive decision-making, dressing well, setting boundaries, continuous self-improvement, graceful handling of rejection, and maintaining a positive outlook.

The occurrence of situationships is becoming too common. What is your stance on it? 

My stance on situationships is that they can be a complex and challenging aspect of modern dating and relationships. While they may offer some benefits, such as flexibility and reduced commitment pressure, they can also lead to confusion, emotional uncertainty, and the potential for unmet expectations. It’s important for individuals involved in situationships to communicate openly, set clear boundaries, and assess whether the arrangement aligns with their long-term goals and desires. Ultimately, the appropriateness of a situationship depends on the preferences and needs of the individuals involved. Make sure to make it clear to the person you’re speaking to what it is as many individuals get the wrong idea. 

Could you tell us the story of your worst dating experience?

One evening, I decided to go on a date with someone new, hoping for a pleasant evening and a fresh start. We chose a nice restaurant for dinner. However, things took an unexpected turn when we were seated, and I noticed my ex at a nearby table.

It became an awkward situation as he couldn’t seem to stop looking over at us. I tried my best to act normal and enjoy the date, but the tension in the air was palpable. My new date also felt uncomfortable with the situation.

Throughout the meal, I wondered how this chance encounter had happened. It was far from amusing, and despite my efforts to salvage the date, the presence of my ex made it challenging to relax. After an uncomfortable dinner, I said goodbye to my new date, promising to meet up again another time. As I left the restaurant, I reflected on the importance of choosing dating venues more carefully in the future to avoid such awkward situations. It was maddd awkward for me, but we move!

Who is your dream collaborator and dream stage to perform on? 

My dream collaborators would be Popcaan and Shenseea, both of whom are incredibly talented artists. As for my dream stage to perform on, I aspire to grace the iconic Reggae Sumfest stage in Jamaica, the electrifying Rolling Loud festival, and the legendary Wembley Stadium in London. These stages represent some of the biggest and most prestigious platforms in the music industry, and performing there would be a remarkable achievement in my career.

Where do you see yourself in five years, personally and professionally? 

I see myself as an artist who has continued to evolve and refine my craft. I anticipate having a deeper connection with my artistry, with a more extensive body of work that reflects my artistic journey and growth. I hope to have established a dedicated fan base that resonates with my music and messages, fostering a sense of community and connection through my art.

I aim to have achieved recognition and success in the music industry, which may include chart-topping singles or albums, collaborations with renowned artists, and critical acclaim. I envision performing on larger stages, headlining my own tours, and reaching a global audience!

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Words: Karolina Kramplova