Izzy S.O ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’ | Video Premiere

Once our hearts crack and bleed with grief after someone we once loved, the world does not stop spinning, no matter how hard we wish for time to stop. Days fly by, weeks go by, and our lonesome company feels uncomfortable. Playing with this fear of change and ‘what now’ aspect of a breakup, London-based artist Izzy S.O navigates through this spectrum of emotions on her new premiering music video ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays.’ 

Referring to Sunday, the coziest day out of all, Izzy S.O hits the spot for all broken-hearted wandering souls and the vanishing warmth of the worryless-doing-nothing-in-a-couple solace. Singing, ‘Are my words stuck in your head, is there an imprint of me on the right side of your bed, will we just stop talking, will we end up walking around this city alone instead”, Izzy works through the dreaded angst dripping in 90s nostalgia in Avril Lavigne alt-pop demenour. 

For the ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’ visuals, directed by Vittoria Rizzardi Peñalosa, Izzy S.O continues to narrate the second part of a trilogy of interconnecting music videos, with each chapter signifying a different stage of a breakup, with ‘Silly Me’ as the first drop, getting one step closer to feeling sane again. 

To give us an insight into the track’s inspiration, Izzy S.O encourages spending time on your own as a remedy for the disconnect; she shares more: The song is about piecing your life together after a big change, it’s about the fear that rises up when you finally have to sit with yourself. It’s reminding yourself that you aren’t just a sum up of the people in your life and that you can just walk around on a Sunday, buy a nice book under the tunnel on Southbank and drink coffee in a coffee shop on your own. You can create your own safety”. 

Noctis premiers the clever ‘Without You I Don’t Like Sundays’ visuals of blinded-by-heartache sleepwalking, reminiscing, replaying, rethinking, overthinking, and finding peace alone. Izzy explains: “The story of the Without You I Don’t Like Sundays video is a reflection on the relationship itself – the love, the moments of connection and the moments of disconnect and then it plays on the idea of ‘sleepwalking’ around the city in the wake of the relationship ending. It half leans into the humour of the melodrama that can play out in your heads whilst trying to process all the change that comes with a relationship ending”. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova