Discovering Alexander Stewart

Taylor Swift is not the only one navigating through the Tortured Poets Department, as Alexander Stewart‘s heartbreak anthems and relatable songwriting qualify him as a deserving contender for a place at the table. For his new sophomore album, ‘bleeding heart,’ Stewart does not hold back from unveiling a palette of commonly suppressed self-realisations and heartbreaking conclusions from previous relationships.

The Toronto-born pop singer/songwriter has done an exceptional job delivering a record which sets him apart from other artists who gained popularity on TikTok. Alexander Stewart has the voice of an angel, with a raspier finish, sounding more mature for his age. In ‘bleeding heart,’ he translates his introspective thought processes into a cinematic, theatrical rollercoaster between heartbreak and self-love. 

There are moments when the universe guides you to find a song that resonates with you on a deeper level. Listening to ‘bleeding heart,’ there is no doubt Alexander Stewart has the talent to release the most uncompromising, raw lyrics with the soul and power to connect people of all ages. 

Celebrating the release of ‘bleeding heart, ‘ Alexander Stewart speaks to Noctis backstage at his Dallas show, the second date of his bleeding hearts tour. 

You’re currently on the road for the Northern American leg of your bleeding hearts Tour, what do you want the audience to experience during your performance?

An elevated show!! I spent a lot of time building this show with my team to make it entertaining front to back. I want people leaving the venue feeling just a bit better than when they came in.

What is your favourite part about the tour life?

I love the hotels actually. I find it quite fun to wake up in a new city, go to the gym and explore.

Your new album ‘bleeding heart’ is filled with heartbreak anthems and overall vulnerable inward looking lyricism. What lessons did you take from working on this project?

I learned that perfection doesn’t exist and to trust your gut. I leaned to love deeper, I learned how to deal with hurt I’d never experienced. I’ve truly learned so much. This album has been a combination of the last 3 years of my life. It helped me to grow up and it was so cathartic to write.

Did you discover something new about yourself?

So much! It kinda goes with the last question, but I learned so much about myself over the last 3 years. It’s hard to even pinpoint one thing.

In your opinion, how do you know when you are finally healed after having your heart broken?

I honestly don’t know. I think slowly, day by day, things get easier until one day – you just don’t think about that person. It’s all a process.

Could you tell us more about the relationship that inspired ‘Bleeding Heart’?

This album is about so much more than just one relationship. When it comes to heart break and love focused songs – there are a couple different situations i’m singing about over the last few years. But a lot of the music is very introspective, and about things I really care about like mental health.

Do you remember when did you write and what sparked the first ideas for your breakthrough hit ‘I wish you cheated’?

It was after my first love and I ended it. After all the sadness and anger settled, I realized nothing really happened. We just fell out of love, and that was one of the most painful realizations.

Do you ever play your music to people who inspired the theme? What is their reaction?

I actually have… all I’ll say, it was quite an emotional experience for both of us.

I really resonated with ‘all these years,’ it’s a truly beautiful track. How did you learn to write in such a vulnerable way?

After I wrote ‘blame’s on m de,’ I decided that I wasn’t gonna hold anything back anymore. In my core, I’m a human that feels things very deeply. So when I was writing ‘all these years’ and truly feeling like I was never gonna get over my ex, I just wanted to be as truthful as possible.

How did you get into music in the first place?

I’ve sang my whole life, but my parents are sooo supportive, and when I was 7, they put me in front of my first audience. I sang O-Canada at my church!

How did being an artist help you in your personal life and personal growth?

I think part of me was forced to grow up pretty quickly, which definitely came with its positives and negatives, but personally it was amazing. It helped me navigate so many situations in life that I’m not sure how I would have handled otherwise. 

What are you planning for your next chapter?

I’m gonna finish this tour, and put out this album! After that…. more music!! I’m already so excited to get back in the studio.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova