Hugo Brijs Reveals Retro Rock Overture ‘Creeper’

London-based musician Hugo Brijs unveils ‘Creeper,’ the lead single and title track of his upcoming album, blending 70s rock influences with his signature psychedelic flair. Drawing from icons like T-Rex and Ennio Morricone, Brijs enriches the track with Caledonian Soul-like guitar riffs and a pulsating rhythm section, while the narrative follows a femme-fatale gangster in a cinematic bar scene.

With a background in crafting scores for TV and film, he elevates ‘Creeper’ with The Budapest Scoring Orchestra’s full-string section. Brijs has worked with platforms such as BBC, Channel 4, Netflix, and the BFI, with his talent has recently earned him a place on the 2023 long list for a British Independent Film Award for his work on the acclaimed British drama ‘Pretty Red Dress’ (BBC). As the co-founder of the music production company Thunderdrum, he has also lent his musical expertise to esteemed brands such as Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Vogue, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Following his acclaimed 2021 album ‘Glitra,’ Brijs solidifies his presence as an artist with over ten million streams. ‘Creeper’ sets the stage for Brijs’ upcoming album, promising listeners a fusion of vintage cinematic vibes and contemporary artistry.

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