Double Trouble El’Vee Premiere New Music Video For ‘Jealousy’

Newcomers El’Vee help us to hold onto our warm summer memories with the envy of endless nights with a premiering music video for their latest single ‘Jealousy.‘ The twin-sister duo champions their culture in vibrant Afrobeats productions and empowering poise. 

Twin sisters Lilian and Vivian have seen the ups and downs of the music industry as they appeared on the UK”s X-Factor twice, in 2008 and 2011. With their practice of patience and tireless dream-chasing, the twin sisters have become an image of feminine drive and authenticity. Since presented as El’Vee, they embody female empowerment, determination, and unbelievable work ethic that do not come easy.  

Shifting focus on their home base of Nigeria,El’Vee decode their homage to African culture into a vibrant blend of electronic music and Afrobeats arrangements, courtesy of Sparkzy. The twins describe ‘Jealousy as a tale of admiration; they add: “Jealousy is a blend of eclectic sounds, that reflects not just our culture and heritage but our artistic individuality.” 

Based in London, El’Vee keep the vibes going in the gloom-central with their formed eclectic sound that has the potential of global reach. Anyone who is anyone names their fandom, and El’Vee coined the “El’Veellains”. 

Lilian and Vivian also speak about the backstory of the ‘Jealousy’ music video: “The ‘Jealousy’ video is a celebration of African culture and renaissance. Shot in the iconic Bogobiri House in Lagos, Nigeria. There’s always something about you, people will be jealous of, so never stop believing in your sauce. That’s what we bring to this video, our eclectic sauce and abundant energy”

The double trouble medley of twin sisters, their firey talent, and celestial productions, El’Vee is set up for the arena stages. Watch the Noctis premiere below:

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Words: Karolina Kramplova