Duo TIBASKO Release Euphoric Single ‘Still Rushing’

Fast rising electronic production duo, TIBASKO, make their return with the emphatic dance track ‘Still Rushing. This time out the artists collaborate with long-term friend and renowned singer-songwriter, Julia Church, who delivers a dreamy vocal feature that adds an element of emotion to the euphoric single. Taken from their forthcoming self-titled EP, which is due in September, we get an insight of what might well be to come. Drawing on a myriad of influences from techno, house and breaks, the final result is a drum and bass track with a unique speed differentiation throughout. 

On the inspiration behind the single, TIBASKO proclaims: “The name Still Rushing comes from the euphoric feeling we get on the dance floor from hearing a huge record that evokes many emotions. Setting limitations in our production is what is really inspiring us at the moment as this track shifts bpm’s throughout. We love to challenge ourselves as producers and ‘still rushing’ is testament to this. As fans of jungle and d&b music, we wanted to push the boundaries by creating a track that shifts the bpm vastly, going from 128bpm to 160bpm. The gorgeous vocals comes from our good friend and fellow artist, Julia Church – a lot of the vocals we’ve used in our previous tracks has actually come from her. She’s an incredibly talented artist, so we’re stoked to have her on Still Rushing.”

‘Still Rushing’ is evidence of the duo’s ethos of discovery and experimentation and such an approach has led to a modern and progressive take on drum and bass and jungle. It also showcases a notable shift towards an end goal of reaching a deeper emotional connection with their audience. They’ve taken steady steps towards that goal over the last two years, and their popularity has soared. Now sitting at over 215 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, TIBASKO is reaching a passionate audience who are buying into their evolution. Now on the verge of not only the release of an EP, but also a US tour, the duo look set to solidify their place amongst the strongest emerging electronic music artists breaking out of the UK.

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Words: Jake Wright