Jada O’Neill Joins Forces with Maniscooler on ‘Can I Just’

2022 has been Jada O’Neill’s year. With her debut single ‘Waves’ and follow-up ‘Bygones’ putting the R&B artist on the map, Jada returns with an electrifying collaboration with producer Maniscooler in the form of ‘Can I Just’.

The R&B/House hybrid fuses Jada’s buttery soft vocal lines with distant guitar lines and atmospheric production that builds up to energetic, grooving drops, bringing in a whole new element to her sound. The producer behind this new twist, Maniscooler, has received a number of impressive accolades from the likes of Pepsi and NBA 2K, and it’s no surprise when you hear the first hits of his slick production.

Describing the new track, Jada O’Neill shares:

“I’ve recently been really inspired by Kaytranada’s work, and wanted to make a house song. “Can I Just” is my first House/R&B and I really just wanted to share the feeling of going out , seeing someone and falling in love with that person and that feeling. That urge of suspense of seeing them again.” 

Jada’s roots are an important element of her work, having grown up in Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda. She cites early inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, Boogie, Adele, Koffee and Ari Lennox, and now she brings a sound of her own.

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