Earthquake Lights Reflect on Modern Relationships in ‘Pictures’ 

Brooklyn’s Earthquake Lights has once again proven that genre is nothing but a mechanism to confine the possibilities of music. Their new single ‘Pictures‘ is a fascinating sonic adventure that sees the four-piece back weave orchestral strings with rock foundations and a subtle jazz flair. Teaming up with Lindsey Lomis, ‘Pictures’ tells a thought-provoking story, delivering a poignant reflection on the digital age’s impact on relationships. The band highlights how connections between people are kept alive simply by the presence of photos on social media and how this often leads to superficial relationships, lacking genuinity. We’re all guilty of this in some capacity and Earthquake Lights remind listeners that online images aren’t the epitome of a healthy relationship. 

Lead singer Myles Rodenhouse explains, “Maybe you only feel connected to that person because of how immediate the internet and pictures have seemed to make them. But seriously what even are these connections you have with other people on the internet? Just because you see a picture of them it doesn’t mean they’re actually important to your life.

Emanating a similar richness and intricacy as artists such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Beck, ‘Pictures’ is a stunning composition where Lomis’ vocals add a whole new dimension to Earthquake Lights’ polished and captivating sound. The song begins with jazz-soaked instrumentation, before sweeping strings enter, accompanied by alluring brass arrangements and syncopated rhythm section. Mellow yet potent, ‘Pictures’ oozes with sophistication. 

Rodenhouse continues, “The lyrics were inspired essentially by an era that’s defined by pictures and feelings of missing out, or wondering about someone that may be in some memory, possibly just out of reach but still barely relevant. Wondering if they actually care to remember you, or if it’s even worth remembering one another and losing any sleep over.

‘Pictures’ showcases the band’s ability to craft songs that blend evocative storytelling with their impressive musicianship. 

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Words: Alexander Williams